11 Smart Ways To Store Your Shoes

Build Low Cost Shoe Rack Using Pvc Pipes

One issue that most homeowners have always faced the low amount of space that can be dedicated solely to storage in their homes. Regardless if you live in a small flat or in a small apartment building or even in a normal family house, you will not escape from this problem. In order to counter that, the furniture store and other stores have many items that can help you with the organization and storage problems that you may encounter in your home, but 99% of the time it involves buying an item storage is expensive and redundant you may may not be necessary and would not help you much. ideas and tips on how you can solve your storage problems all by yourself without buying expensive storage items. And to help you with the storage problem in your home, we’ll start with your shoes and boots to show you this collection of 11 smart Ways To Keep Your Shoes where you’ll find many useful shoe storage ideas. Hopefully, with this collection we have provided a lot of cheap and easy solution to the problem of storage of your shoes in your home and you will not struggle to cross the room without tripping over shoes or high heel. Enjoy! see also: how to make garage ceiling from a wood

The Floating Shoe Rack

It’s time to figure out how to tame the shoe explosion that is happening in your closet right now. This is more than 50 ingenious ways to store your shoes by Peggy Wang and other Shoe Enthusiasts around the world. the floating shoe rack 1. Store shoes underneath a bedskirt. You can buy one or make one out of an over-the-door shoe pouch organizer. Here’s a canvas version. Can you put it on the side of the bed instead of the base ? Definitely.. Can you attach to bed ? Sure, with mounting screws inside product’s packadge. 2. Hang molding on the walls to create a pretty shoe display. or DIY this J-me Joe floating shoe rack. 3. Hang molding near the ceiling of a closet for your non-seasonal shoes. 4. Cover a shoe rack with a curtain. A ribbon tie for the curtain adds an elegant touch. 5. Store them in an ottoman. This is a great solution for a small apartment, but this version costs $799 (RIP Lilly Pulitzer). If you already own a storage ottoman, you could try making your own using fabric and a staple gun. And, Keep two underneath a console table for your entryway.

Storage awesome shoes Re-purpose old wine crates in case you recently promise not to drink anything use to be bottled in. 7. Store your shoes in shoeboxes with printed out Instagrams of your shoe collection. 8. A simple wooden pallet has slits that perfectly fit shoes. 9. Use a pegged coat rack. Any kind of coat rack will do. 10. Build your own PVC-pipe shoe rack. 11. Use an old ladder to hang heeled shoes on. Direction: 1. Look for a vintage ladder or two at your favorite weekend flea market. 2. Lean the ladder against the wall and hang your favorite pairs of shoes on each rung. What else ? 12. Salvage some old school lockers for shoe storage in a boy’s bedroom. A creative way to keep their outerwear from taking over the rest of the home. 13. Keep shoes in buckets. If you’re not the most meticulously organized person in the world, this solution helps to keep shoes off the ground without taking up a lot of space. Just toss ‘em in when you’re doing a quick clutter cleanup.

Creating Your Home Better Look At Budget

Store your shoes in wine boxes under the bed. Not the sturdiest solution, but the compartments fit summer shoes and sneakers perfectly. 15. Hang your shoes. A left over curtain rod mounted on two shelf brackets, and lots of modified hangers. For the rod, you could also use a wooden dowel, piece of PVC pipe, or any other strong bit of metal. To mount it, bent up the tips of two metal shelf brackets and secured the rod with small screws, but you could also use conventional closet rod hangers, which you can find in any hardware store. About the hanger, visit link pasted inside info: We have crafted an e-book you can download and save it in your computer. You certainly don’t want to pause every instruction slide. 16. Stack ‘em on the stairs. 17. Use recycling bins from IKEA to store shoes in an entryway. They’re only $13 a piece on Ikea. 18. Take up unused space by putting up shelves in the corner of the garage. 19. Elastic shoe straps are a quirky and colorful way to hang your shoes on the wall. These are $25 from Droog but you could attempt to make your own with wall pegs and bungee cords. Or get this 36 Pair Overdoor Shoe Organizer for $39.99 in Amazon,

Overdoor Shoe Organizer if you have less shoes, Or this $71 Shoe Wheel by Rakku. It can Store up to 30 pairs of shoes in 20 adjustable pockets depends on size. 20. Hide shoes under a slipcovered bench. What’s great about storing shoes underneath a bench is that you have a seat to sit on while putting them on. 21. This IKEA Komplement shoe storage children slide-out rack holds an impressive 16 pairs of shoes. While it is a pain in the ass to assemble, it does save a lot of space, and I love the fact that it slides out. 22. Use a large picture frame as a slide-out shoe drawer. 23. Implement a slide-out shoe rack. Possibly easier said than done, but if you’re considering a remodel, it’s certainly a clever idea. 24. Hang shoe organizers on a room divider or screen. 25. Use towel rails to hold shoes. 26. Alternate your shoes – you’ll be able to fit more in a row. 27. Display them in a large basket. If you’ve got pretty slippers you want to show off. 28. Keep shoes in a dresser or cubby shelf at the foot of your bed. 29. Strategically use tension rods in the bottom of a closet. So brilliant. 30. Throw them into rolling crates. 31. Hang baby shoes on a curtain rod. Get more details at all my hearth blog. For $20 spent at Lowes and power tools assistance, this new DIY can be completed in less than a day And 32. Paint cans nailed into the wall are the perfect size for flip-flops, Thanks.

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