Best Laminate Wood Flooring for Bathrooms; You CAN!

Can You Put Laminate Wood Flooring In Bathroom

Best Laminate Wood Flooring for Bathrooms – Get the look of wood without the cost with this option bathroom floor rough. If you dream of a wooden floor in the bathroom but had nightmares about costs, take heart. You can get the best laminate wood flooring for bathroom which closely mimic the texture color and grain of a real jungle. Laminates can withstand drippy towel and stand up to heavy traffic and drop the hair curlers. It also withstand even the toughest stains from make-up to nail polish. Some manufacturers do not recommend placing the laminate in the bathroom for fear of water damage. Review the manufacturer installation instructions and warranty information before choosing wood laminate flooring suitable for bathrooms. If you choose to bathe, carefully follow specific directions for installation and sealing, and be very careful to prevent water from seeping under the surface. If you are handy you can save money by installing laminate flooring themselves. Many types of laminated lock together without using glue or nails, like in kitchens, while others require adhesive. Although you will pay more, professional installers can be well worth the investment. This is especially true if you want a design that involves intricate inlays or mixing and matching colors and styles.

Laminate Wood Flooring For Bathrooms

Some best laminate wood flooring for bathrooms can look like real wood or even tile. For a more realistic wood appearance, the surface can be hand-scraped, distressed and covered with authentic-looking knots and worm holes. And you can get a laminate that looks like something out of polished marble slate wear. Laminate is finished and are available in glossy or matte coating. Laminates come in strips or boards that imitate wood, or a box that looks like tile. They can be placed in almost any pattern, such as herringbone or subway. Laminates can withstand water, but do not leave puddles standing for hours after bathing children or may seep into the layers. Laminate is a low maintenance. Sweep or vacuum regularly keep free of dirt and sand can scratch the surface from time to time. Note the separation spaces or where water can penetrate. Installing laminate wood flooring bathroom requires a base layer underneath to serve as a moisture barrier and dampen sound. This laminate is constructed from four layers of material fused together layer of melamine wear high resolution photos of the surface that mimics the solid core board; and a layer of melamine support. This affordable durable and resistant to fading and moisture stains; it also will not harbor mold mildew or allergens. Keep in mind though that it can emit sounds hollow and must be replaced not be sanded or refinished. A pattern which can sometimes be seen repeatedly and will not develop the character with age. Take a look at these best kitchen laminate wood flooring ideas.

Laying Laminate Wood Flooring Bathroom

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