Best Laminate Wood Flooring for Dogs & Other Pets

Will Dog Pee Ruin Laminate Wood Flooring

Having a new home or remodeling with the best laminate wood flooring for dogs is everything. With a pet at home is becoming more important because pets are just as hard if not harder than those on the surface of the floor. What is the best flooring option for dogs and other pets in the house. Let’s look at the pros and cons of some types of floors to assist in the decision making process. Because violence laminate flooring pet owners may turn to it instead of traditional wood. While this may work to provide decoration people want can be difficult for pets, especially dogs because they will slip and slide as they walk or run through the house. This will cause their hips to move in an unnatural way that can cause damage to their bodies. It is builtin high gloss laminate flooring is smooth and can be somewhat reduced by choosing laminate wood flooring and dog urine with raised or textured finishes.

Laminate Wood Floors And Dogs

Laminates wont show scratches as easily as some other surfaces, but because they are slippery and uncomfortable to lie down on the carpet recommended throughout the home to help pets. Although this is one of the best laminate wood flooring for dogs in the house was not the best choice for homes with pets. Pet urine can stain the wood leaving a terrible smell and a dark spot in the woods. Even if the accident urine cleared quickly after the fact the urine may still seep into the wood causing damage. To eliminate these stains you may have to go so far as to strip of sand and refinish the floor. If the stain is contained in one small area is quite cumbersome, but if stains all over best laminate wood flooring for dogs may need to be renovated. At times the smell and stains may reappear because the salt crystals left behind from the urine that can not be dissolved. If this happens it may be necessary to completely replace wood. Another thing some pet owners forget to factor in when it comes to pet timber is a bowl of water. If possible place a bowl of water on a mat of some sort to help protect the wood from moisture when the spill bowl.

Can Dogs Scratch Laminate Wood Flooring

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