Can You Paint over Laminate Wood Flooring? How to Do

Can You Paint Over Laminate Wood Flooring

So the question must be, “can you paint over laminate wood flooring?” I have just completed a new project that I am excited to share with you today. A couple of years ago we had laminate flooring installed in our kitchen. I was so excited to replace the laminate flooring with the new paint. My husband got a deal on it through a contact at work. The laminate runs from our entryway up the main hall through the breakfast area and into the kitchen. To my dismay after a few months of dogs kids and us grownups traipsing around the floor began to wear and scratch badly. Whoever said laminate does not scratch must have been sniffing paint thinner.

Can I Paint Laminate Wood Floors

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I am a big fan of bargain shopping and squeal when I get something at a really great price but in this case the old adage you get what you pay for really rang true. It looked terrible and really bugged me. We thought about ripping it all up and replacing it with the same laminate we installed in our adjacent living room and dining room. It was not in our budget and to be honest I really didn’t want the hassle of such a big project when my list was still about a mile long. I really wanted to paint the old laminate. After reading up on the subject where it seemed that everyone and their mother said you could not paint laminate flooring because the paint just would not stick I gave up the idea and chose to just live with it. It still bugged me to no end. One day I was about revisiting my idea of paint when it occurred to me that I had read about DIYers painting their old laminate flooring. If you can paint old laminate why not laminate, so can u paint laminate wood floors?

How To Paint Laminate Wood Floors

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