Decorative Wood Ceiling Designs for Fab Homes

Decorative Wood Trim For Ceilings

Decorative Wood Ceiling Designs – That must be decorative! Starts from the beams tiles, trims, planks to the panels and the hung accessories. You’ll catch that desire soon with us. Since we found the most decorative wood ceiling designs so it’s time to show them to you! Decorative Wood Ceiling Beams

Decorative Wood Ceiling Tiles

After going through a wide variety of wooden backyard fence designs, we move inside today. When most of us think of a ceiling to our homes, things that come to mind are white and flat. Despite all the amazing steps forward we have taken in designing and decorating the rest of the house, ‘ceiling’ seems to be something that our mind jumps easier. But the decorative wood ceiling beams, whether it’s in the living room or dining room, kitchen or bedroom, can give the room a unique character, imitated and individuals who also left an indelible impression in the minds of those who stepped in. The wooden house is a modern residence with a typical line.

Conceived in the plan as decorative wood ceiling beams timber trusses, this residence has a page that allows for a private retreat for the pool and custom fire pit. Master wings flanking one side of the living room while the living space, pool cabana, and a view into the adjacent river forming the rest of the perimeter. he perfect design ceiling varies for every room and every home and depending on the space available; the surrounding walls and the overall theme of the house, there are countless patterns and colors to choose from. From the tray ceiling to ceiling beams, ceiling to ceiling bay very popular decline, this inspiring beautiful ceiling gives the room an exclusive and exceptional feel you’re after.

Decorative Wood Ceiling Trim

Decorative wooden ceiling fans ceiling beams can run in many different shapes and sizes. When trying to determine the size of beam to use in the room, you would wanna look at the volume or relative sizing the room that the beam is going into. Typically larger rooms with very high ceilings accommodate large beams very well whereas smaller rooms might want thinner beams or cross-hatched beams to compensate for the smaller size. Another consideration when decorating your ceiling with beams is the color scheme in the room into which the beams are going. You can stain beams which is the preferred method or you can paint beams if you need to match a certain color. But when doing this, you wanna consider the type of wood you’re using. For instance, cedar is a great wood for taking a stain and matching many different types of earth colors, whites and many of the colors you commonly find in a home. Another consideration when decorating your ceiling with wood beams is how much weight can your ceiling support?

Woodland Custom beams are an ideal option because they are hollow and thereby lightweight and can be added to any building at any point in construction. But if you are using conventional beams, you’re definitely gonna need to check with an engineer to determine whether or not your ceiling and trusses can support the weight of the beam you are adding decorative wood trim for ceilings. This is particularly pertinent in rooms with larger stands where a longer beam will have a greater overall weight or in instances where a oversized beam is being used and a great deal of weight is being placed at any one point in the ceiling. Another advantage to using the box beams made by Woodland Custom beams, since they are hollow, you can hide cords, wires, sprinklers and other things that need to be run inside the beam. We currently have Woodland beams available in many different sizes and styles for you to choose from, and of course, have the option for you to order a custom beam of any size in any style. One of the common requests that we have is the routing of the edges on the beam, and that’s why you’ll find that many of our existing beam styles come with either routed edges or sharp edges so that you can match the existing styling and decoration of your home and other wood accents. To find out more about our beam sizes and styles and decorating options, please visit us at

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