Laminate Wood Flooring for Ceiling – Design Ideas

Laminate Ceiling Ideas

Is it strange to hear laminate wood flooring for ceiling? Might be so. Board to install easily add architectural interest to a vaulted ceiling. To make a classic country or cottage look in your home, consider adding ceiling laminated boards are designed for laminate hardwood floor on ceiling to install. In any palate, the board is a definite attention better, and the ceiling is less than perfect, they coverup good as well. If the ceiling board will go into your bathroom, look for boards designed to hold moisture. Do you want to redecorate a room in your home and you do not want to paint, you can not find the wallpaper you like, you’ve thought of putting laminate wood flooring on ceiling? Before you shout ‘What is’ this regard, people have been using the wooden panels over the years in their Living Room, or Den Recreation to provide a warm inviting feel. Also keep in mind that the restaurant and the hotel have been decorating this way for years. Do not limit yourself by running the board horizontally even around staircase, you can also go vertical and if you are really adventurous, try installing diagonal.

Laminate Ceiling Designs

Once you choose which you will install the laminate board, make sure the board is kept in the same room where they will be installed 48 hours prior to installation, this will allow the wood to adjust to the room. Some manufacturers have a lot number on the package, think of many figures as a means of consistency in the product, you want all the packages to have the same lot number, if they do not then you can have variations in color or thickness. Laminate flooring as ceiling tongue-and-groove can be installed in several ways, but in the bathroom, they cling crisscrossing two layers of furring strips, creating enough air space on the board. The wood laminate ceiling tiles held by a series of metal clips, using laminate on ceiling which slipped to the edge of the board and screwed in place. Clips and screws hidden as the next board is installed. Instead of using a clip, you can staple the wood laminate pvc ceiling panels in place. Board 4 “thick, add that to a depth of two layers of strips furring to determine how much a ceiling height of ceiling board will take. If the room has a ceiling light or vent, plan to mount the electrical box to the lower of the strip of fur clothing.

Laminate Flooring On Bathroom Ceiling

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