Minimalist, Small Modular Home Designs

Small Modular Homes And Prices

Tiny is great, with small modular home designs you are welcome to try and feel. It’s minimalist for any kind of housing types; ranch, cabin for smaller lot space on your vacation land. Get familiar with these small modular home plans and designs for your future, green home.

Small Not Simple Minimalist Modern Modular Home Design

The House Company is a startup offering modular small cottage homes plans designed to attract first-time home buyers downsizing and anyone who wants to add a rental cottage or granny flat on their back yard. They now have three models of studio one bedroom and two bedrooms all on the basis of rural vernacular houses. The unique modular home is built with shipments apparently available throughout the UK. Once at the end of the building site, just a few weeks the installation and completion work is needed, maintaining minimum disruption. Buyers can choose the color of the paint and finishing materials, with more involved customization is also possible. Here we show one of their one triplex bedroom house has a floor space. Plan essentially any form with the addition of a small front entry front. Doors inside and outside the hall will help keep cold air in the winter.

This is the expand modular shelving & storage system small not simple minimalist modern modular home design. Multiple panels can be connected to each other through L joins, T joins and X joins. Through this you can create shelving or storage cubes or a variation of both You can change the direction or orientation; you can make a cube shelf to hang on the wall or as a free standing object for storage It can withstand 89kg or almost 195 lbs of weight as a cube Extremely strong and durable with extra structure support built inside the walls it’s very stain resistant and easy to clean You won’t have to worry about little spills as it’s completely water proof. You can even use this in the bathroom or shower. It’s also very resistant to bacteria and fungus, Non-toxic and formaldehyde free and kid safe. Comes in 3 panel options, 475mm or 18.7 inches , 300mm or 11.8 inches , 210mm or 8.25 inches As well as the various joins which are about 3.5 cm or 1.4 inches You secure you build with the pin joins, they snap in place easily to support the structure. They are simple to take out or add in. If you want to mount it to a wall, add in the wall shelf hardware where the pin joins would go. it’s a very simple system to create and it’s easy to install. You can also install wall hardware upside down so you can have a more hidden look. Screwing directly into drywall will easily support books and most items, As well you can screw into a stud for a higher weight capacity You can adapt and make your own creative designs from existing items. For example a rectangular cube can turn into a U shaped bookshelf and a monitor stand.

Small Modern Modular Home Plans

The smaller monitor stand can also be used as a wall mounted simple shelf. You can mount it in either direction and you can switch the orientation of the L joins to make an interesting design small modular vacation home plans. It’s very simple to modify your design, that’s the beauty of the modular system. You can change your design with your lifestyle. Add to it, make it smaller or reshape it into something completely new. For example a simple cube can be transformed into a step shelf ladder or 4 mini “L” shaped shelves. Or with a variety of panels you can make some more complicated items like a running man shelf It makes for useful storage on the wall for books, toys or other items for your children It also works in the bathroom as it’s water proof In the living room it can be used for more than just shelving and storage. They make great slim line tv stands and entertainment centers. They can be good for plant holders, collectibles, office bookshelves, side tables and more. There are so many different variations and ideas you can make with the expand modular system You can always add to it and make your own unique designs to fit your space For more information visit

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