Single- and Double-wide Mobile Home Decks

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Here are some ways to build double deck mobile home into a single wide trailer: build a website or attaching a structure. Building on the site consists of digging a foundation and add a footer. You can make flooring and design options after completing the basic framework. Bring the existing structure to the home site and connect them to the trailer. Add decking to the outer edge to serve as a hand rail or guard rail. Vinyl siding must be of the same type and material as that already in the home. Add a step or path if the mobile home deck for sale is high. Purchasing step from the manufacturer and attach to the deck with nails or screws. Anything you need to know about modular housing.

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A single-wide mobile home is one that can have one to three bedrooms and has various facilities such as a dishwasher and a garden tub but always had a long, rectangular shape of the same. The foundations of the trailer will help to provide a more like a site-built home. If not, you can make changes and additions to get more use from mobile homes and site-built reaches more in-house look. Each electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician. Extending your home phone outdoor living space with covered front deck or rear deck. Sunset Decks can build a dream addition to your mobile home if it is multi-level, covered or screened in. All deck roofings  are built from pressure-treated pine or composite materials.

America’s largest home builder. Single wide mobile home decks Built with quality and innovation, these homes are designed, engineered, and constructed right here in America. Different from traditional home building, our homes are built in a highly controlled environment, under cover and away from the elements like rain and snow, which affect the speed and precision of the building process. The materials we use come from quality brands which have been tested and proven for decades. These materials, also produced in America, are kept on site to increase efficiency during the build. These and many more reasons are what makes Clayton Homes America’s number one home builder. With so much going on, it’s hard to believe this all takes place under one roof, and we’re excited to show you our process which starts “from the ground up”! Our foundation begins with solid American steel! These I-beams are engineered to support the structure of your home. Cross members connect the two I-beams and add stability to your home’s foundation. Next, outriggers are welded to the steel I-beam for extra strength and support. Once the foundation is secured, your home moves to the flooring experts. Before insulation is rolled out, we lay down a nylon reinforced vapor barrier which adds a layer of protection to keep moisture out of the home and serves as an extra barrier against pests and allergens. On top of the vapor barrier, a thick blanket of quality insulation from Johns Manville keeps the home comfortable and energy efficient.

Single Wide Mobile Home Decks

An engineered floor system provides a solid foundation for your flooring, ensuring a solid feel that doesn’t give even after years of use mobile home deck prices. Because Clayton builds homes for families all across America, we design our homes to withstand frigid temperatures for peace of mind in cold climates. As the flooring comes together, the plumbing system is installed within the insulation blanket to help maintain consistent water temperatures. Pex plumbing is used in your home to ensure constant water pressure, as well as prevent leaks. Interlocking floor decking keeps the floors structurally sound, after which the decking is sanded to provide a smooth surface for installing floor covering. Our exterior walls are built to last! With studs framed on 16″ centers. The door and window openings have structural headers for added strength and functionality. Electrical wiring is covered by steel plates where it passes through the wall studs to ensure safety and prevent damage. Finally, the exterior walls are packed full of thick insulation for maximum energy efficiency. While the exterior walls are erected, factory workers have been piecing together the intricately engineered truss system that makes up the foundation of your roof. Within the truss system, insulation fills the roof cavity to reduce energy costs and keep your home comfortable. Once the truss system is completed, the roof is lowered into place over your home, where laminated ridge beams and structural lumber beams are used over all openings between the two sections to maintain the structural integrity of the entire home. After the truss system is covered with the roof decking, fiberglass shingles are laid out to protect your new roof.

House wrap is installed as a second line of defense to protect your home against the elements and help reduce energy bills. After the house is wrapped, durable and low maintenance siding is installed by hand. Mobile home deck for sale Each home goes through an inspection process certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to ensure everything is working properly. Inspection includes: Pressure-tested plumbing lines, electrical outlets, exterior inspection for consistency and quality, quality walk-through to check walls, doors, trim, and flooring, plus much more… Do you know where the average household consumes energy? Almost half is spent on heating and cooling the rooms, while the other half is spent on appliances, electricity, and water heating. A house that uses energy efficiently is important to our customers, and it’s important to us. That’s why so much attention goes into smart energy saving options like ‘Upgraded Insulation’ to the walls, roof, and even the floors to help heating and cooling of our homes to be more efficient. We install the homes with compact fluorescent lightbulbs, or CFLs, which use less energy per month and last longer than standard incandescent bulbs. We also offer Low-E windows which are coated with a microscopic layer that helps reduce UV rays and heat from entering the home. These energy efficient options are available on most of our models. Customers can ask about upgrading to Energy Star for additional energy saving features. When compared to older site-built homes, the modern manufactured home is much more efficient. Homes are built in state-of-the-art facilities that protect the homes from weather damage and regular construction delays. Not only that but the waste from building an entire house in a controlled environment fits into only two 30 gallon drums. After the home is completed at the factory, we deliver your home to your new home site. We make sure the transition into your new home is as easy as possible. Each home site is unique and all homes are installed to state and local codes. Your home consultant will guide you through the home construction process. As America’s largest home builder, Clayton Homes is proud to offer their products to families all across the nation – families with different needs in different regions, at Clayton Homes you’re guaranteed to find the home that’s right for you. So visit the Clayton home center nearest you and discover all the ways Clayton Homes is opening doors to a better life, one home at a time.

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