15 “Unusual” Office Desk Design ideas that Fits All Spaces

Computer Desk Ideas For Small Spaces

Ideas for Office Computer desks – Hi, folks! How’s your job goin? Is it good? We’re coming back today. As always, we prepare for every post as great as possible. Starting from collecting pictures to writing the information, all that process we do love so much. Today’s idea comes from rational expectations demanded by office workers and some friends who got bored with their work environment. These issues are classic but won’t ever be ending. We understand that people like you need refreshments on your workplaces periodically. This doesn’t mean unreasonable at all, even a true necessity in everyday life.

Ideas Desk Storage Solutions

If you work in an office, there is no more than a desk and its accessories. We’re pleased to hear that you have implemented a unique arrangement for the desk. If one day it gives you boredom, feel free to find new ideas, here we are working for them. Sure, we do not produce but, every time generate newest ideas or inspirations. You’re almost there, the picture gallery below represents our descriptions. Go here to see some exceptional book rack designs.

These easy and clever bookshelves look so much cooler than anything you can buy from a store. Finding creative ways to display books can be just as alluring as any kind of art. This is 25 Awesome DIY Ideas for Bookshelves By Peggy Wang 1. Floating Bracket Bookshelves 2. Box Shelves from Ikea, Connected with Ordinary Office Binder Clips. 3. The Wall Bookmark Shelf. You could use a bracket, or DIY invisible book shelf instead: It space saving and only require 9 simple instruction to follow. 4. Ladder + Wood Bookshelves. Made with 2 ladders and planks of wood. Or just one ladder will do for a smaller bookshelf. 5. Wallpapered Bookshelves. This shelves crafted from recycled wood, and then they lined the bottoms with wallpaper scraps. Such a great idea, especially for a loft area, where shelves can extend high above eye level! If you don’t have wallpaper scraps to use, pick out papers in complementary patterns from a place like Paper Source (which even organizes their papers into color palettes) and use Mod Podge or a similar product to decoupage the paper onto the undersides of your shelves. 6. Leather Harness Hanging Bookshelf. Available for £89.00 from Rockett St. George. But you could probably also make this with some leather belts. 7. Hollowed-Out TV Bookcase 8. Another Ladder Bookshelf. Take a ladder apart and hang one side of it on the wall. 9. The Bookend Bookshelf. or this CONCEAL FLOATING SHELF COLLECTION.

Desk Ideas For Small Apartments

Another Example of a Wooden Pallet Bookshelf unique desk ideas for small spaces. 12. Bookshelf Made from an Old Drawer. You will need: a drawer, map, spray adhesive, scissors, tape measure, yardstick, hammer, sawtooth hangers 13. Industrial Pipe Shelving. Make a built-in, wall-mounted shelving unit with an industrial chic aesthetic. Designed on site to mount directly to wall studs, the finished shelving unit will perfectly fit the formerly barren space on your wall, and will be capable of effortlessly supporting hundreds of pounds in high style. 14. Pipe + Wood Bookshelf . Direction: 1. Drill holes in the pine planks for the pipe to fit through. 2. Use a 3/4″ round drill bit to allow some wiggle room. 3. Clean all the grease of the pipes (dish soap will do) and spray paint all the pipes black. Then sand and stain the wood. After that it just all screws together. The hard part was figuring out all the math and prepping everything. The Boy and I assembled it by ourselves pretty quickly and surprisingly easily and then secured it to the wall with some screws through the flanges. That thing is SOLID. 15. Storage Bench. Made from pine wood, metal crates, and casters. The great thing about this bench is how versatile it is. Turn it into an entry way bench to corrall shoes and use it as extra seating at your next get together. Use weather treated wood and use it outside as patio furniture. 16. Rope Bookshelf.

storage ideas for small spaces desk This one uses drawer pulls. Step 1: Drill four holes-one in each corner, offset approximately 1 inch. Step 2: Measure the distance between the drilled holes on the shelf, and mark that distance on the wall once you decide on the height of your shelf. Now, secure the drawer pulls to the wall using drywall anchors and screws Step 3: Feed the rope through the holes in the shelf closest to the wall and knot. Step 4: Run the rope up and over the drawer pulls, feed through the front holes, level and knot. That’s it! Now it’s time to accessorize! I made and framed a subway art print and some basic printed images that coordinated with the room’s decor. 17. Larger, More Industrial Hanging Rope Bookshelves. Total cost to DIY this bookshelves is around $150 or less. 18. Bookshelf from Wooden Cable Spool and IKEA Casters. 19. Wine Crate Wall Shelves. More elaborate instructions provided by designsponge.com. 20. Magazine Holder Bookshelf You can get one of these from Ikea, $9.99 for a set of 2. OR DIY it yourself: 1. Paint, stain or decoupage your magazine holder (or leave it plain) 21. Pegboard Using Colored Pencils and String. Not exactly a bookshelf, but books can certainly be incorporated. 22. Hanging Fabric Shelves You’ll need 2 curtain rods, 2 double curtain rod brackets, and some fabric. Instructions: Fold the fabric lengthwise, with right sides facing, so you are working with a double thickness rectangle that is 47 inches by 21 inches. -Using a 1/2-inch seam, sew the fabric together around one of the short sides, the long side and about half-way down the other short side. -Turn the fabric right side out through the opening, poking out the corners with a turning tool (a pencil will do—just don’t poke all the way through). Sew the opening shut by folding the raw edges toward each other, then top stitching down that short end of the rectangle. -Now you’ll need to sew casings for the dowels on the two long ends of the rectangle. Working with one side at a time, fold the long end over so it overlaps by 2 inches. Pin, then stitch all the way down the length of the fabric. Repeat on the other long side. It’s time to hang the hardware on the wall. Locate two studs 47 inches apart on the wall

where you want to hang the book holder. Using a level, mark the locations where you’ll need to drill lightly with a pencil, then drill the holes for the screws. Screw the brackets onto the wall. Hang the fabric on the dowels, office desk arrangement ideas then insert the dowels into the brackets. The brackets should come with tiny screws that tighten onto the dowels, holding them in place. Load with books. If you screwed the hardware into studs your book holder should be able to handle a good amount of weight, but don’t go too crazy. Update: Make the sling reversible, sew a pocket on the front for holding little treasures or applique an animal shape, alphabet letter, etc. 23. Instant bookshelves with IKEA. Ikea spice racks nailed to the sides of a dresser makes instant display bookshelves. 24. Stacked Antique Benches. And 25. Stained Plywood Book Display Case. Just glue some birch plywood together and stain. Thanks.

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