Wood Blind Window Treatment Ideas

Wooden Blind Window Treatments

Wood Blind Window Treatment Ideas – Blinds window treatment ideas simulate the look and warmth of traditional wooden blind at an exceptional value in the style of a traditional slat and privacy interlock. Inspiring wooden blind designs are designed for high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and they are available in a smooth, wood grain and finish sandblasted. Inspire curtain meets specifications for fire and flammable. Wooden blind ideas classic choice for those seeking the beauty of real wood and the practicality of horizontal window blinds for their windows treatment. Forest provide an attractive design solution for any decorating scheme or a lavish budget and bring the beauty of wood into your home. Produced from select quality hardwood, wood blinds are carefully made to exacting standards in your choice of 15 paint and stain finishes. Choose from two wood valances shaped architecture. Wood blind decorating ideas with a quality that exceeded the other window options available today. Choose from eleven grating designer paint colors and fourteen beautiful stain that matches the color of our most popular wood blinds us. The window is the perfect solution in the home or office. You do not have to blow your budget to bring beautiful window treatments to your home. Of wood blinds interior design for your DIY ideas can make for less than $10.

Wood Blind Decorating Ideas

So we are back in Long Beach today wooden window blind shutters. At Mrs. Alloua home and we were here last week to show her some curtain fabrics and we also showed her some window treatment ideas and color options. Yes, last time we spoke to Mrs. Alloua she said she was going to paint the downstairs warmer colors to match our drapery fabrics and today it looks like she painted her door so I’m excited to go inside and see what she’s done inside the house. I notice that you went ahead and painted the walls as we discussed. You painted them a warm, warm off-white. And you went ahead and added the wrought iron to the staircase. Last time it was just wood. Well I can’t wait to see how things are going to turn out. It looks really nice and relaxed. It gives the room a little bit more of a comfortable feeling. So Mrs. Alloua also asked us to go ahead and create custom window treatments for her family room. We had some extra hardware and some extra drapes so Hector is behind me putting up the hardware right now and we will go ahead and scarf it a little bit later on. We are also going to look at her staircase and add some antique silver paint to match her wrought iron drapery hardware. So this is Mrs. Alloua’s staircase and as you can see it’s a dull brown. We had a crew come in earlier today and give it just a little bit of a silver finish to liven it up so it will match the drapery hardware and window coverings. She also had her table delivered and it’s a gold table which really doesn’t go with the silver décor of the room or the living room so we are going to go ahead and have our crew paint it and touch it up a little bit with silver and glamorize it a little bit.

So what do you think? The house is beautiful, I love what we’ve done. Yes, wooden window blind parts I love the colors as well. Let’s see what Yessy has to say about it. So first off Yessy I want to thank you for allowing us to come into your home and dress up the style of your home and really fulfil our mission which is to enhance the quality of life. Thank you, I’m just so amazed by what you guys did today. I can’t even believe it myself thank you so much. Overall once you’ve seen the work we’ve done in the living room, the bedroom and the family room, how would you rate your overall level of satisfaction? 125%! The top percent! Now that we’ve put everything together as far as colors go, what made you decide to have us go ahead and do the rest of the house for you? Based on the initial work that you did for me, I decided to go ahead and redo my house. And I just love the fact that everything came out so nicely. What would you say overall the best part of the job was? I love my bedroom, oh my God, it’s like a dream to me! Thank you. And would you recommend us to your friends and family? Definitely, you are going to have a lot of people who are going to call you for that! What do you have to say about Mallie working with us as a consultant? Oh my gosh she is amazing! I know that you put your ideas together and your work as a customer service person was amazing. This has been another remarkable job completed by the Galaxy-Design team. Be sure to visit our site for more: custom window treatments curtains window treatments blinds roman shades,blinds to go hunter douglas, drapes plantation shutters, curtain rods window blinds, shutters blackout curtains, kitchen curtains valances.

Wooden Blind Slats Ideas

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