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Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is at the heart of every home. It is where families congregate to eat meals and catch up. When your kitchen is clean, it makes you feel better.

Many people choose to do their regular weekly cleaning and hire a professional service such as Houseproud Cleaning to do a deep cleaning once or twice a year.

Below are various steps for deep cleaning any kitchen.

1.     Cleaning the Kitchen Walls

Dusting and cleaning walls are beneficial in deep kitchen cleaning. A mop is required to reach the top spots of the ceiling.

Wash all the kitchen walls including the vents, doors, knobs, and plates. Kitchen walls get dirty from fingerprints, grease from cooking, and splattered food.

2.     Clean the Ceiling Fan

Do not just dust off the fan. That is not enough to get it clean. You might need a smooth cleanser like an oil soap.

3.     Wash Kitchen Blinds, Draperies, and Curtains

Remove your drapes, blinds, and curtains and have them cleaned up following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Dust off all shelves and wall corners. Clean the interior and exterior of every kitchen window. Take down the screens, wipe and replace them.

4.     Go to the Interior and Exterior of the Fridge and Oven

The oven should be cleaned with an oven cleaner to make it spotless, and after that, you can start on the fridge.

You might want to open the windows because the oven cleaner has an unpleasant odour.

Remember to dust off your unpowered fridge’s coils using a vacuum cleaner. Move the refrigerator and sweep and mop off the dirt that you will find under and behind it.

Get rid of any expired food in your refrigerator or freezer. Throw out empty bottles and flasks, and materials that were purchased but will never be used.

Remove the shelves and drawers from the fridge, clean them, and remove any bad smell. Wipe the whole fridge and freezer before putting the shelves and food back in.

5.     Clean the Gas Cooker or Stove

Remove burners with their covers, spill catchers, and knobs from the stove and follow the manufacturer’s manual to clean the entire appliance properly.

If you misplaced your manual, you could go online to get the guidelines by searching your stove’s version. Various stove tops come off to enable entry to the spills and food scraps.

6.      Clean All Appliances

Begin by powering off every appliance. Clean the microwave, toaster, and every small machine you may have.

If the crumbs in the devices solidified, use some boiling water to take it off. Vapour from hot water assists in loosening the crumbs. Use lemon juice to remove any unpleasant odours inside the appliances.

7.     Organise Drawers and Cabinets

Clean and line kitchen drawers and cabinets. Take out incompatible dishes and covers. Remove everything that is not used regularly.

Wash and organise the interior and exterior of the drawers and cabinets with all your utensils or flatware. For better organisation, you can install dividers.

8.     The Dishwasher

Remove anything in the dishwasher and add baking soda or vinegar before turning it on.

If the appliance has some foodstuff at the bottom, wash and remove it. Be sure to clean the entire interior and exterior of the device.

9.     Sinks and Counters

Clean the sink and all counters in your kitchen, and do not forget about the backsplashes.

Pour lukewarm water with baking soda or lemon peels down the garbage disposal to get rid of bad odours.

After cleaning, put some ice cubes inside the disposal to refine its blades.

10.  Sweeping and Mopping Kitchen Floors

Spotless kitchens can be maintained by sweeping and mopping the floors and baseboards. You can clean the floor with a rag or towel.

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