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First Aid Tips for kitchen

A restaurant kitchen is perhaps one of the busiest places you’ll ever visit. While it serves as the birthplace of a variety of delectable gastronomic eats, it also has the recipe for a fire-related disaster. This is why it is a must for business owners to spend resources for a restaurant fire suppression systems service.

However, a commercial kitchen fire doesn’t only affect the properties and equipment, the staff who work in the area is also susceptible to burns and scalds. These are skin damages both caused by heat — the former caused by a dry one (e.g. Fire), and the other by something wet (e.g. Boiling water). Both are treated in the same manner.

If you are a restaurant owner or work in one, you need to be equipped with the basic first aid tips for burns and scalds. In this feature, we’re giving you 11 of them to help you give aid to someone who might get a burn or scald at a kitchen restaurant.

Distance the person away from the heat source. To prevent the damage from worsening, get the person away from whatever is causing the burn or scald. Turn on your restaurant fire suppression systems service to help handle the fire.

Check if the person is breathing. Whenever necessary, rescue breathing should be quickly administered. Also don’t forget to watch for signs of shock (e.g. Pale complexion, fainting).

Remove clothing or accessories near the affected area. To avoid swelling, make sure you remove any jewelry pieces or clothing near the affected area. But if something is stuck on the burnt area, just let it be until professional help arrives.

Put the affected area under cool running water for 20 minutes. If it’s just a minor burn — meaning it’s only the top layer of the skin that’s affected — cool it down by holding it under cool running water. Bear in mind that using iced water is a no-no.

Don’t immerse severe burns in water. If the burn or scald is a major one, putting it under running water will be dangerous. Doing so will expose the person to bacteria. Immediately call for professional help in cases like this instead, and cover the area with a sterile bandage.

Never apply greasy substances to the affected area. Substances like this (e.g. Butter) can infect the burnt and scalded skin. The appropriate ointment should be applied according to instructions.

Cover it with a clean bandage or cloth. To avoid further infections in minor burns, you must also protect the affected area with a clean bandage or cloth. This can quicken the healing process.

Take painkillers to help reduce feeling painful sensations. If the person isn’t capable of enduring the pain caused by a burn or scald, let them take over-the-counter medications.

Seek medical help if the pain gets worse. This way, other aspects like possible infection can be examined and subsequently, aided.

Professional medical attention is also needed if the blister is larger than two inches. Blisters refer to the “bubbles” that pop up after getting burned or scalded. They often contain pus or blood.

Update your tetanus immunization. To be safe, you should also get a tetanus shot.

A proper restaurant fire suppression systems service can ensure that you’re ready for any unforeseen incident at the workplace. Contact Westminster Fire today and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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