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Cleaning Tips To Take Care Of Your sisal rugs

Cleaning a natural fibre rug is not a difficult process per se, but the cleansing methodologies are a bit different from that of regular synthetic rugs. If we speak of durability, sisal carpets might be the most hard-wearing ones, however, constant exposure to the high moisture areas can still wreak havoc on the material, rendering it useless over time. Which is why washing them up in order to clean is not the right thing to do.

Here’s the exclusive list of cleaning tips that you can apply to keep your natural fibre carpets as beautiful as new for many years to come.

  1. Regular vacuuming: Daily vacuuming your natural fibre rug is the easiest way to clean and increase its life. It helps to lift off the loose soil and other particles. They have the tendency to build stains if left unattended over a longer period of time.

Secondly, exercise a little caution and do not set the vacuum on the top of the binding knots as this can potentially damage them.

Another thing to take care of is the vacuum heater; make sure it is turned off. Otherwise, it may let the natural fibres catch fire leading to burns and another untoward incident.

  • Resort to dry cleaning: For a long-lasting life, always ensure to keep the water totally off your sisal rugs. Also, avoid any sort of steam cleaning or use of wet products like shampoo for the cleansing. 

Instead, you can opt to go for the dry cleaning procedure. There are many dry cleaning kits available out there which can be used for the safe cleaning of your favourite natural fibre rugs.

  • Managing Blotches &Stains: If you are faced with a situation of spills like wine or coffee, what you must immediately do is make use of clean cloth to blot away from the stain. Alternatively, you may also use tissue papers because of their high absorption tendency.

Also, avoid the mistake of rubbing off the cloth to the stain; this can lead to its further spread. If the spills are difficult to absorb or have seeped too much inside the fibre, try to use the cloth dampened with soda water. This will do the trick for you!

  • Natural Fibre Cleaners: Exercise utmost caution while choosing the right kind of dry cleaner for your rugs. Some of the products available can actually ruin the complete carpet than cleaning it.

Only go with the products of reputed companies, which clearly mention that they are suitable to be used for the cleaning of Floorspace sisal carpets, jute rugs and other natural fibre flooring mats.

  • Using Protective Coatings: There are protective coatings solutions available that can form a layer over your natural fibre rugs and carpets. This works as a protective barrier against the spills, dust and other disruptions for effectively shielding the surface beneath.

Applying all the above tips diligently will add long life and timeless quality to your sisal fibre floorings.   

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