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5 places you might forget to clean what you need

During general cleaning, some parts of the house are easy to clean, but some areas are often ignored and forgotten. Dirt and dust easily stack no matter how often you clean your home environment. It cannot be avoided to ignore cleaning certain places, especially those that are not visible. The area that is difficult to reach at home takes time to clean, but they still need special attention because even though dirt and dust in these areas it cannot be seen, it will still affect the cleanliness of your home as a whole.

These are some places you might forget to clean what you need to:

Walls and baseboards

Just like floors, walls, and paper pedestal with shit magnets and dust easily. These are fields that are often ignored because, sometimes, grimes cannot be seen easily because of wall paint. Winding walls and baseboards can be complicated because it takes time.

Even though you can’t see clear elements on the wall, it’s important to clean it regularly because it’s all ignored, you might have trouble removing dirt because more time passes. With the use of feathers, brooms, or soft cloth, you can easily clean the walls and poles around your house.

Under furniture and equipment

One reason you usually forget to clean the area behind the furniture and equipment is due to the weight. Sofa, bed, refrigerator, and other furniture pieces are heavy, which is why many dust, dirt, and dullish piled up. No need to clean the furniture area every day, it is ideal for neat stays at least three months. The cleaning tool that you will use will depend on the area to be cleaned – it can be a cloth, broom, brush, or vacuum.

When you don’t clean this area, it is possible that your furniture or equipment will be damaged. Accumulation of dirt and dust can also be a reason for decreasing the functionality of these things.

Under the carpet

One part of your house that requires routine cleaning is under your carpet. If you have a child or pet at a house that likes to hide under your tapestry, it is very important to clean it at least twice a month. Deep dirt and bacteria cannot be removed only by sweeping the carpet or shaking it. The use of dry carpet cleaners revitalizes and disinfects your carpet to ensure that residual buildup is removed.

When you clean the carpet, it’s not enough to clean the surface. Even though the surface is clean, if it’s dirty below it, the bacteria causes the disease can still develop. This may also be a breeding place for dust, termites, and other destructive insects.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans provide cold air, thus, it is important to often clean it because dust can accumulate on the bar. If you fail to do it, you might just swirl the dust when you turn it on. Dust in the air can cause respiratory problems that trigger asthma, so it is important to ensure that your ceiling fan is always dust free.


One general reason why broken ceiling fans are when dust accumulates to a fan motor. If this is the reason why it’s broken, you might have a difficult involvement of warranty.

To easily clean the bar, you can use fan duster to avoid scratching the exterior surface and interior of the fan.

Kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinet is the perfect place for oil, water stains, food trails, and other residues. Moisture in the kitchen is easily trapped on the cabinet surface, especially if you use wood, make it vulnerable to mushrooms and rot.

Food particles and oil that are not clean from the cabinet door can cause health risks. It can be interesting for flies, ants, cockroaches, and other pests carrying bacteria. You can easily transmit bacteria to other parts of your home when you touch the cabinet handle. So, when you do routine cleaning, clean and surface sanitation, as well as their grip.

Last thought

To ensure that you can clean up every corner and gap of your home, make a checklist every time you do a cleaning routine. In this way, you will not forget to clean the places that also need attention. So, if you often fail to clean your kitchen cabinets, under your furniture and equipment, under the carpet, or even your ceiling fan, including now in your checklist and you will be surprised to see cleanliness in your home.

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