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5 things you need to consider when building a new house

Have you tried to draw or imagine your dream home? We bet you liked to browse tips and share ideas too! It’s so fun to imagine how your new house would look like dozens of home design inspirations everywhere. But as you go more deeply in the process, here are some important factors that you may want to consider before starting to build a new home!

  1. Bring the light

Regardless of the size of your next plan at home, it is always a single decision to use bright or clear colors for your interior spaces. Opt for a white or simple and clean gray wall, or try gay colors like turquoise and pastels. These can completely illuminate your mood. In addition, they can create an illusion of having a bigger space in your home.

Adding lighting fixtures such as lanterns, LED soft flies lights to accentuate your home is another important thing to consider. But more modern houses and owners are more attracted to bring natural lights and many! Consider your budget and place as many windows in your home plan.

Some opt for small less expensive windows. There is also an option to go for pre-designed houses. Their tight seams and state-of-the-art investments are revealed to be elegant and effective. Discover these favorite fresh houses below!

  1. Consider the practition of your furniture

Creative furniture and accents are great because they express your personality as the owner, but the functionality of your chosen furniture is what matters the most. Modern times taught us to be more realistic and evaluating function and comfort on anything.

Designers and owners want to optimize the features they will really use. This is why most modern houses are taken with practicality in mind. Discover these functional ideas that you can add to your new wish list!

A good storage can be perfect for large and small houses. This brings not only a lot more space for your home, but also gives you a feeling of ease and allows you to move freely without all your business. Space saving beds and multifunctional cabinets can also be a great money saving too! You would not need to buy cabinets or additional storage boxes to keep all your business.

Furniture with legs are also a convenient purchase. Plan to add furniture that will let you see the floor below. They are much easier to clean, unlike the shortest or large legs without legs.

  1. Sustainable

Let’s start with sustainable technology. Simple LED lights but energy saving and home appliances are a must for sustainable homes. Not only are they sustainable, but they also reduce your energy costs because less power is consumed. Moreover, investing in LED technology lets you avoid changing your bulbs often!

Smart, sustainable, and energy-saving thermostats or thermoregulated materials and designs are also a great addition to your home.

Now let’s move on to sustainability based on the framework of your home. Think practically. You can plan the size of your dream home while thinking about who will use it and how. Is that for solo life? Or is it a family vacation home? Do you plan to rent it out immediately? Or do you plan to have a small but comfortable room for yourself?

A big house is amazing, but everything will depend on your destination and budget! Smaller housing options are quite popular for dream home builders that are more practical because of sustainability, efficiency, affordability, and reduce maintenance costs.

In addition, some houses are considered sustainable and environmentally friendly because of the characteristics of their construction methods. Many of these are known as modular homes or homes that are relocated.

Modular home sustainability

Build a new house


What is a modular home and why is it considered sustainable? In contrast to ordinary artificial houses, modular homes or homes that can be removed prefabricated. This means that when these houses are made, everything has been measured before and cut according to its size.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shares that around 16.8% of all solid waste that ends at a waste disposal site comes from construction waste. It’s around 12.7 million tons! Modular houses are considered sustainable because the development process is controlled from pre-measurable materials.

This reduces material waste and also saves labor. So if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly choice for your dream home, a modular home is a way to go!

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  1. Give live to your home


Try planting flowers or vegetable gardens. Very pleasant has your own mini garden or farm outside your dream home. Nature can make your home feel more alive, and planting can be your future hobby too!

Cool plants to make you cool in the room

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Have your favorite indoor plant around! Hang them near the window or plant it in a pot to make your home more excited. Go in a natural way to improve air quality and keep your home stay cool! Plants lose water during transpiration, cool air at home and leave it pure and fresh! Here are some of the best plants in improving indoor air quality and adding beauty to your home:



Aloe vera

Ivy Ivy.

Ponytail Palm (Dracaena)

  1. Add your small

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Your dream home won’t be perfect without having you in it! So don’t forget to add all the things you like. It can be a unique furniture or painting and your favorite photos. This small addition can represent you or the whole family in a great way.

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