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Self Storage Unit

When it comes to self-storage, there are a lot of options but the most widely used storage by consumers is the indoor storage unit. As the name suggests, such units are found inside the building which needs to be accessed via some kind of security system having controlled gates.

Some indoor units offer a climate-controlled option. It also offers both ground level and upper level storage. For accessing the upper level, goods lift will be provided.

Read further to understand more about the indoor type self-storage unit and if you really need to rent one;

Access Types

These units are located in multi-storeyed buildings which have many levels. Hence you have two types of access available:


These are easy to access and hence more expensive. These units are more convenient for carrying items to the store as it would be at a shorter distance.


These are the storage units located on the upper floors. The price is comparatively lesser than ground floor units as you will have to use the stairs or goods lift to reach the storage unit. If you do not need to carry heavy stuff, this type of unit is slightly more affordable.

Why choose Indoor Storage?

Security Advantages

Outdoor storages are located outside the building and there is just a shutter door which protects your belongings. Indoor units have additional security. The number of doors between the street and your belongings increases, hence more security. There is secure access to both the main building and your storage unit which keeps your belongings extremely safe.

Climate Change Protection

Most indoor units are climate-controlled, even if they are not, the building construction will protect the item from climate changes in a better way than when the items are stored in an outdoor unit where only a single door separates your belongings from the environment outside

When Should You Use Indoor Storage?

Storing Smaller Items:

When storing smaller items, it is easy to carry it to the indoor storage unit. You do not require drive-up access for it.

Storing Expensive Items:

If you are storing valuable items and you need heavy security, then you should definitely go for an indoor storage system.

Needing Climate Control:

According to the representatives of storage units Tulsa, if you need to store belongings which are susceptible to damage, if exposed to temperature or humidity fluctuation, it is a must to rent a climate-controlled indoor self-storage unit. Not all indoor facilities are climate controlled but modern building constructions and insulation provide additional protection for your goods which outdoor facilities can’t, as they are separated from the outside by just a rolling shutter.

When Not to Use Indoor Storage

Large Storage Required:

If you want to hold a lot of your belongings for a temporary time period like when you are in the process of a move, an indoor unit might not be sufficient to accommodate all your belongings. You will need a large outdoor storage unit.

Storing Vehicles:

You will not find many indoor storage facilities that can accommodate a car, boat, yacht, RVs, etc. For such storage, outdoor storage is the best option which is easily available.

Frequent Access required:

If your requirement is to access the unit on a frequent basis, a drive-up outdoor unit might be a more convenient option for you.

Final Take:

An indoor storage unit might be a little costlier than the outdoor storage but if your items need the extra temperature and humidity protection, then every penny spent extra is worth its value.

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