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Composite binder and Paving Porcelain: Which is the best for your garden?

There are many things to consider when you decide to renovate your garden. Do you want a contemporary space with a minimalist shades or more traditional space with lots of natural ingredients? Like all design decisions, there is no clear or clear answer. There are so many different materials, it’s hard to know where to start!

Well, today we see two of the most popular outer floor materials, composite decking and porcelain outdoor tiles to see how they compare. With a better understanding of how these ingredients look and appear, you can decide which material is more suitable for your garden design ideas.

One of the great things about these ingredients is that they have a lot of quality that is similar and desirable. As an example:

They are more durable than their natural colleagues

They come in various colors and textures

Porcelain paving.

For those of you who want to make a contemporary park room low maintenance, Paving porcelain is a very good choice. Natural stones such as slate and limestone need a lot of care to keep them pure. Without cleaning and sealing right you will quickly see chips and stains that appear that can be unsightly and dangerous!


With high-quality Porcelain Paving, you don’t need to worry about cleaning or sealing regularly at all. With composition of vitrification, your paving will be non-porous so that stains can be quickly removed. The surface becomes smooth (compared to having natural imperfections) so that the chances of cracks or chips develop greatly reduced.

Paving porcelain is ideal for homeowners who want to make a modern park that requires minimal maintenance. Some suppliers, such as Primaporceain, even offer indoor / outdoor tiles (as illustrated above) that allow you to make a smooth transition between your home and park for the main and contemporary view.

Composite decking

While porcelain is a good alternative to natural stone, composite decking is a perfect alternative to natural wood decking, this is the reason. Wooden decking is famous for taking water that can cause a large number of problems including mold, rot, curved and cracked.

For most people, the prospect must replace their new decking in just a few years it is not attractive, so that investing in a durable and durable alternative like the composite decking is ideal.

The composite decking is produced using a mixture of original wood fibers and polymer resin making it interesting material and looks natural with quality waterproof plastic decking.

In the past, the composite decking was famous for having a ‘fake’ appearance, but now, suppliers like Deckplus offer composite decking with the final results of natural wood.

This makes the composite decking the extraordinary choice for homeowners who like the real wood idea, but don’t like the idea of ​​painting, tarnishing and sealing their new deck once a year!

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