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Different Types of Garage Door Seals

Garage doors are made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, wood and fiberglass. There are several types of garage door parts, each serving a specific purpose. Garage door parts can be purchased at your local garage door company or from a garage door repair specialist online. Garage door parts are designed to provide varying levels of protection to a garage’s exterior. The garage’s interior is left largely to the user, but there are also many security and safety features built into garage door parts for the convenience of the garage owner.

One of the most common types of garage door parts is a weather seal, which is designed to keep the garage door free of moisture and dirt. Garage door weather seals come in a variety of styles (threshold, brush and tongue). Some weather seals, such as brush seals, tend to come pre-lubricated; however, all garage door weather seals should be regularly lubricated to avoid damage to the door seal during operation. The exterior surface of garage door weather seals is usually covered with an anti-static material. An anti-static coating is usually found along the perimeter of the seal to prevent static charge from building up around the garage door seal.

Another type of seal is the garage bottom seal, which serves to prevent the garage floor from becoming damaged by snow, rain or debris during the winter. Garage bottom seals come in different designs such as smooth and textured. Most garage bottom seals have a metal strip along their perimeter to help secure the garage floor. Some garage seals use a rubberized strip along the edges to prevent the garage floor from being damaged by impact splinters.

There are also a number of retainers available for garage doors. Retainer kits provide the base material, a gasket and an adhesive backing. The gasket acts as a buffer for any liquid that could enter the seal; and the adhesive backing helps keep the seal in place. Retainer kits are typically used for flat bottomed garage doors as they require little extra effort for installation.

One type of weather seal to keep an eye out for is a low-pressure garage door seal. Low-pressure door seal linings are commonly used on single garage doors. They’re usually created with a thicker layer of foam at the top of the lining. Low-pressure weather seals typically have the ability to resist extreme temperatures; therefore, they are ideal for cold and hot climates. Low-pressure weather seals help maintain the balanced moisture content in the garage doors.

Another type of garage door seal to look out for is a bottom seal. The bottom seal is usually placed on the bottom of a garage door. The bottom seal helps prevent dirt, water or any other liquid from seeping into the garage door. Most of these types of weather seals are created with a strong adhesive, so they can be easily removed for cleaning.

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