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How to build a desert survival house

The phrase “how to build a desert survival house” may sound like a difficult task. But in reality it is not as hard as you think it is. And it will not be difficult if you follow the steps laid out below. In order to answer the question, how to build a desert survival house you need to understand two things: the environment and the needs of your family

First, what is your survival zone? Your survival zone is the place you want to live in if and when disaster strikes. By zone I mean the range of temperatures that you typically experience in an average year. In general, you need to have a good location if you want to live in the desert for any length of time. The temperature extremes will make eating a constant struggle, so you will need a good location that has all the right amenities.

Second, you will also need to determine the utilities you will need. To determine what utilities you need you can consider the water source, a food source, lighting, electricity, and shelter. You will also need to factor in medical facilities such as a dentist and army doctor. If you are unable to survive without a single these basic facilities then you need to seriously consider building a survival shelter away from any other civilization.

Third, after you decide on your location and utilities you must consider your building materials. When you build a house, it is important that you use the right building material for the right climate and terrain. Building with the wrong material can be disastrous, so you need to do a little homework before starting.

The best material to build with is wood. This is because wood is the most flexible and weatherproof material you can build with. Wood is also the easiest to build with, so you should consider this when planning your survival shelter. On top of wood you need good location. An isolated spot with no human contact is ideal, but remember that a good location will also mean that there is plenty of water and food available.

Fourth, when you finally decide on how to build a desert survival house, you will have to consider protection. Make sure your shelter is strong enough to withstand any predators in the area. It should also have a roof that can easily be taken off or blown off. Also, make sure you have somewhere to hide during extreme weather. Remember, anything can be a threat to your well being, so make sure your shelter is the strongest it can be.

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