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How to make white space feel big

People had never thought of using white in their homes but in the world today, it was a trend to paint the wall with white to show the uniqueness of the house.

White symbolizes peace and purity and always represents a positive start. When you look for the idea of ​​a white living room on social media, you must note that the white houses are quite viral today. The positive side of white, can be easily mixed with each color and every material especially wood and painting color. That is why the exhibition hall has white walls and white furniture. White is considered very strong in Fengshui.

Let’s discuss white room ideas that make your room unconditional grand.

  1. Play with contrast.

The white living room creates space but just always tells his room empty and cold. White is the only color that can mix each color, especially in contrasting colors. You can use the contrast spotlight like black and orange to balance white and make rooms warmer.


Canvas gives your white living room to breathe visual. The map of the world, waves, leaves, and red trees give home designer displays, also colorful canvas besides white furniture can show your home outside magic. Think outside the box by making Yin and Yang combination canvas.

  1. See

In today’s busy world it looks good for those who want their time back. The wooden dining table in the white room is very beautiful. The vintage side kitchen is seen using wooden floors and painted white cabinets. If you are looking for white room ideas, consider vintage because they are eternal.

  1. Bold furniture.

Choosing furniture for white homes is always an advantage. Thick furniture always praises white which increases the beauty of the furniture and fills the vacancy of the house. Antique chairs and nailhead furniture create sophisticated styles and always attract attention.


We will not give advice to choose carpets because white receives all colors beautifully. If you want your home to look more reliable, it would be better for you to choose a white and gray carpet. The carpet is orange, red and yellow directly catch your eyes and make a sophisticated room. Colorful carpets reflect a colorful life and reflect someone’s creative side. Collection.

Have you ever noticed why the exhibition center and photo studio have white walls? That’s because white people adorn creation. Whitewall encourages individuals to show off their creative levels. In my house, I have graced one of my walls with all my paintings, and believe that it looks very creative and every visitor praises me for my creativity. Create abstract paintings, create DIY, craft, and apply to the wall. If you are a wise person then write your inspirational quotes.


Curtains play an important role in the white living room; The curtain divides the walls from simple to modern. White curtains with lightweight clothes are seen home cleanliness. White curtains with a blue polka point reminiscent of retro display, sea green curtains are the best choice if you are looking for a modern house. Royalties come in a white living room with blue silk cloth curtains.

  1. Go Green.

Staying in the living room with white furniture can be boring and plants enhance your mood and help reduce stress. Choosing a factory that is suitable for your bedroom can be completely safe. Many plants filter toxic and benzene from the air and increase moisture in the room. Create more living rooms by planting aloe vera, Aster Gerbera, and snake plants because they need moderate light and less water. Green colors always calm your eyes, the white living room makes a good partner with green planting.

  1. Mirror

In the white living room, the mirror is very useful for making your room feel bigger. Placing a large mirror in the white living room adds luxury and vibrancy. Mirrors come with different shapes so that everyone can keep them from their interests. According to Vastu, it reflects positive energy that is useful for peaceful sleep.

  1. Comfortable sleep.

It’s important to decorate the room because it is your main comfort. Wake up white rooms from rustic to modern because sleeping soundly is equally important. Simple iron bed with folk art on the wall hopes for tranquility and comfort. The sparkling hanging lamp on the bed always reminds the French that lives and looks antenna by adding some colorful layers along the bed line.

  1. Light brightness

the idea of ​​a white living room


Pay extra attention when choosing lighting for a white living room, a white living room always sparkles with metal and silver. Add more luster to your room using metallic lights and silver lights add to the luster to your room. Always remember day and night in a white living room requires different color color. It prefers white light or silver light during the day and use a metal or gold light to end your day.

Cover statement

Hopefully you like the ideas of white living room as we have discussed many possibilities, everything is amazing and creative, we hope you enjoy the article and make your living room in accordance with the ideas discussed above. We hope the best to decorate space to make your white living room more valuable and luxurious and live a healthier life.

If you have suggestions, we welcome the comments below.

Happy decoration!

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