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IDRIVE Cloud Storage Reviews

Comprehensive and user-friendly cloud backup services, IDRIVE can back up all your PCs, Macs, cellphones, and tablets from the convenience of one account. The packages offered include personal use, small businesses, and companies, and can back up servers and personal devices, which make it one of the most versatile cloud storage options out there.

Pricing strategies do make an idrive proposition that is very reasonable, although it costs up for those who need business features – such as user management and so on. At a higher level it becomes a more expensive solution than people like Google Drive and Dropbox, even though it offers a more comprehensive range of features to justify higher price labels.

IDRIVE feature.

IDrive subscription option:

IDRIVE for $ 3.48 per year

It is very difficult to accuse IDrive because of lack of features. For example, there is a snapshot, which allows you to store up to 30 different versions of your files, express services that lets you put your data on the hard drive and actually post it, and the ability to make full disk images if you need to do it rebuild the computer from the start ,

Then there are also some less clear functions, including IDRIVE upload only uploading modified file parts to reduce bandwidth use, how data is maintained until you specifically delete it, or a series of activity logs that you can access. For team managers, there are many user management, which is easy to configure too.

It’s all above the core functionality, which reserves a number of unlimited devices – computers, cellphones, servers – to one account. If necessary, it can also back up data from the drive mapped on the network. Meanwhile, the IDRIVE web portal functions briefly to manage all these devices together in one place, even though we will show that it’s a little on the base side.

Apart from the standard features that will appeal to everyone, there are some intended for organizations with greater and more complex requirements (including backup cloud servers that include Linux, Oracle, SharePoint, MS SQL, Exchange Server and more). IDRIVE includes a naked disaster recovery, which is a business class solution for ransomware. Help with new data standards can also be found, through encryption and date stamps for those who in the medical profession, accounting and law.

IDRIVE interface.

When registering to IDrive, you must install the application for Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS, although desktop clients are the most impressive in terms of Poland and features. You can back up the Idrive all your hard drives (or phone) or only certain files and folders, and run backup manually or on schedule. The aim here is very “set and forgetting” – Get everything set up as you like, and then let it work calmly in the background.

Another feature is the Dropbox style synchronization feature too, to save certain folders in synchronization between all your devices. There is an intuitive menu and setting screen that clarizes how to make the configuration you need. It’s also good for use, because you don’t need to have an IT degree or even consult with help documentation to find out how to do most tasks.

The IDRIVE program also has many settings. Android clients can reserve everything from your SMS message to your contacts, while desktop clients allow granular adjustments to bandwidth management, files and folder exceptions, data verification, and others. You can even pause the backup if the battery level on your laptop or your cellphone drops below a certain level.

Back up files to the cloud and then restore it again quite quickly, and as fast as we can expect with the limitations of our internet connection, especially the upload speed. In other words, it can’t be idrive will be a barrier.

Idrive security.

Above the authentication of two factors, IDRIVE provides end-to-end encryption for your data. Be warned that this requires a private key that you only know, so don’t forget, or you can’t get it back. This also means that you will not be able to share files and folders with others, because this will break the end to end encryption protocol.

Another option is standard encryption, which is not safe enough, but still will protect your data against most potential violations. In this scenario, IDRIVE saves the encryption key, and can help you restore your data if needed and potentially submit your files if it is forced by law enforcement. Another advantage is that you can use the file sharing and folder features with this setting.

IDrive price

IDRIVE does offer a free level without requiring you to provide credit card details. However, you only get a 5GB storage room, and you are quite limited in terms of features you have.

The personal plan gives you 5TB from $ 69.50 per year or 10TB of $ 99.50 per year (although there are limited time offers in screenshot above), while the team plan offers between 5TB and 50TB for $ 99.50 to $ 999 , 50 per year, with options for two years plans.

Business plan offers users and unlimited devices, with prices starting at $ 99.50 for a year, up to $ 799.50 for 2.5 TB of space.

These prices vary depending on how long you registered, and did not take into account various special offers and special offers that Idrive preferred – if you check the site now you might find that the price is lower – as we did. Choosing a business account rather than the person also gives you additional features such as server reserves, many user management, and access to priority support.

IDRIVE verdict.

Idrive gets a high score for the extent of the service offered – from backing up photos on your smartphone to back up files on your company’s server. The software package and various interfaces are not the best, but they complete work without fanfare.

For those who have many devices with data that needs to be guaranteed at reasonable prices, then the idrive can be a service for you. It has a great set of features that cover a lot of land, with sufficient security protection and additional features such as folder synchronization and bandwidth control to satisfy the majority of users.

You can register for IDrive here

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