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About 10,50,00,000 results (0.37 seconds) Interior Design Trends 2021 #1: Pantone colours Last year for instance, the colour was classic blue. For 2021, it is a combination of Ultimate Gray, a deep and brooding grey that stands for endurance and maturity alongside Illuminating, which is a sunny yellow hue that stands for hope.08-Jan-2021 The 7 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Popular in 2021

Has grey had its day?

Trends are evolving rapidly, particularly the neutral, evolving Nordic vibe making a comeback as a beautiful, buildable base to begin your interior design journey at home. It’s now all about making our space a relaxing, rejuvenating environment. If you’re looking to uplift yourself and create a space to retreat into your home comforts then a neutral, calming space is probably for you and your taste.

A lot of thought, design and layering goes into creating a space that carries a weathered yet inviting look about it, however this is the beauty of having a neutral base to work with inside your home, you can alter the look with beautiful accessories to add to the overall finish.

Less is More…

Explore the interior enhancing range of essential home accessories with Buster & Punch, designed to bring an elegant touch whilst boasting quality and style. Their minimalistic home accessory range covers a wide selection of pieces fashioned from solid brass, featuring the signature diamond cut, cross knurled pattern.

Luxe Minimalism is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular interior trend seen in 2021. The less is more vibe really speaks for itself when looking at the simply beautiful home accessories you can carry throughout your interior. Including natural materials in our home allows for a calming environment and as the old saying goes; ‘Tidy home, tidy mind.’ This really comes through in this season’s interior trend.

Key Trends for Your Interior 2021

Using a combination of natural materials in our home such as marble, wood, concrete and natural stone can create a natural, rustic chic interior if you’re looking to stay on trend this year. A small combination of these materials can achieve both a natural and luxe minimal environment if you’re somebody who appreciates both a natural calm vibe paired with the less is more lifestyle.

Key Trends for Your Interior 2021

Natural materials work with any interior design style…

Firstly, being a natural material, it is simply timeless. It will never go out of fashion, adding an element of luxury almost instantly to your home interior, so it’s easy to see why this trend is fast growing throughout the course of 2021. Natural, raw, neutral materials only enhance the space you have already allowing you to carefully select a small amount of beautiful statement pieces in your home to tie your space together.  The textures of natural materials are so easy on the eye it is simply beautiful.

Sustainable Interior Design…

As well as carrying a simply beautiful finish, the sustainability of natural materials in your home from upcycling old furniture to locally sourcing your pieces you can be certain that you’re doing what you can for this planet. Additionally unlike artificial materials, age translates beautifully in naturally sourced furniture, adding to the longevity of your interior design and when we’re trying to avoid the ‘fast fashion’ / ‘fast interior design’ habit we can easily fall into, this is a perfect solution.

Key Trends for Your Interior 2021

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