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Myth: All artificial plants are very expensive

It’s been a long time since your last vacation? We also! Even though it might look like a far memory now, do you remember the time when you will step into the hotel lobby, everything is ready to check in after a long flight, and when you look at the reception, you can’t help but note the amazing hotel lobby center? Enchanted, you are closer to getting a better look and when you get there you realize, artificial plants are not real but (oh my!) They look very convincing. The first myth of artificial plants that comes to mind is “this is definitely very expensive!”

You won’t be the only one!

Back when fake plants were first introduced to the market in the 1970s. They are expensive, with better quality that looks realistic usually more expensive.

But lost is the days when artificial plants are the luxury provided only for rich people. These days you can buy a high-quality artificial factory at a reasonable price, and it’s more than worth it!

Here we are aloof myths about the affordability of artificial plants.

Buy plants made by vs. Buy real plants

Myths about artificial plants


Which is better, artificial plants or real plants? It depends entirely on individuals, really!

Time, maintenance, pets, and comparison costs are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the right plants.

The big difference between artificial plants and the original is the longevity. While the biggest problem by buying real plants is maintenance. If you are often busy with work or go for a long time and lose the maintenance routine of your plants (weeds, trimming, and watering) plants may wither.

Plus, if you add all costs to maintain real factories for a year, you will be able to see the actual fees to have a real factory.

With artificial plants, you get what you pay for! Some brands like Australian designer plants even offer fake plants and UV-resistant green walls supported by a 5-year warranty. UV resistance is leaves itself and not spray, making it maintenance! No need for watering and trimming or gardening.

It is made of non-toxic material and chemicals so it is safe, especially if you have a pet. Some common plants such as lilies, tulips and azaleas are toxic for your pet and have the potential to endanger them. In this modern age, you can enjoy this beautiful plant at home without risking baby’s health.

Why invest in fake plants worth it?

Myths about artificial plants


Whether you are thinking of getting an artificial factory for your next home repair project or as a business investment, artificial greenery has a remarkable return on investment!

First of all, no one increases the vibration and aesthetics of interior and exterior plants such as plants.

For business, the exterior of commercial settings is the first thing that customers see and the appearance say a lot about business. With some green landscape aesthetics such as green walls around it, customers will be interesting to increase the potential of sales and profits especially if you are running a cafe business or coffee house.

A cafe that looks pleasant aesthetically will also attract the attention of Instagram’s latest trends and cafes. It makes sense for the commercial space for instanchable today – this is more than just decoration, it’s marketing!

When it comes to home decor, green walls can make you feel closer to nature even if you live in the city.

When artificial plants are made to survive, it will become a one-time investment with only the initial setting costs. If you are quite useful and really like DIY (do it yourself). You can save costs with this super easy-to-mounted green wall that comes with a unique snap and key system – no complex tool needed.

Ideas of setting artificial plants to try

Versatile artificial plants in design and decoration. There are only so many ideas and options to try when decorations with artificial plants.

First of all, artificial plants can be stored anywhere without having to worry about sunlight. So you don’t need to be limited to a bright area to put your greenery. Even walls and dark hallways can access with leaves now!

With fake plants, you can change it anytime without a hassle, because it doesn’t need to dig and revoke. They are usually mild compared to their true counterparts, which makes it much easier to move it.

For a wide room, give some tropical fake trees, it will make the room look abundant with the green nature. Place your fake tree into a designer pot and give your room which requires extra color.

If there is not much room to do, artificial hanging plants can work miracles and provide some vertical appeal. Nothing charming like seeing a full row of hanging baskets, with fertile vegetables catch the sun.

Tidy up everything by mixing it with some real plants for great effects and some flower wall art. Be creative!

Keep in mind, when pairing artificial plants with original plants, look for Fauxliage that looks real and natural and checked with fake land, sand or stone because this will give the realistic faux finish results so that it is easily matched and mingling itself. Remove your creativity and see what is most suitable for you!

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