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Reliable Garage Door

Whether it is minor wear and tear, damage or complete malfunctioning of your garage door, these are among the problems homeowners dread the most. However, at one point or another, you will have to deal with the issue surrounding your garage door. When it does happen, you will have to make the decision of doing a repair or replacement. How do you go about choosing the right solution that guarantees effective and long-lasting results?

To be honest, both options are great depending on the specific problem at hand. Here are some of the common garage door problems and whether a repair or replacement is ideal.

When a Repair Will Suffice

A replacement job isn’t always necessary. When is the right time to do garage doors repairs?

  • Damaged Panels: If you observe any physical damage on your garage door, you might want to have it repaired with immediate effect. The key to a successful repair of single panel damage is to get to it when the damage is still minor. If you wait around for too long, you are looking at high repair costs that may be equivalent to a full replacement.
  • A Sagging Garage Door: If you are experiencing a situation where your garage door only closes halfway, it is a good sign that it is imbalanced. This often means that the door is exerting pressure on the lifting mechanism and hence needs to be repaired.
  • Minor Tweaks: Once in a while, you might want to do some basic cosmetic fixes on your door including chipped paint or fading to improve its look. In this case, repair is the most cost-effective option.

When a Replacement Is the Best Course Of Action

Although repair of a garage door is a cheaper option, sometimes there’s a need for a replacement. This includes the following scenarios:

  • Severe Damage: First and foremost, if the damage on your door is extensive, you might want to replace it altogether. It beats logic to spend money on a number of replacement parts when you can get a brand new door once and for all. If your door has suffered damage as a result of adverse weather conditions, go for a replacement without giving it a second thought.
  • Cosmetic Reasons: Perhaps your door is 10 years or more and you want a new design that matches your home’s curb appeal. This sounds more like a replacement job than a repair project.
  • After A Break-In: We hate to break it to you but burglars have found ways to bypass garage doors. In most cases, these individuals have figured out the secret pin for manually unlocking the door. Some also disengage the garage door’s motor and actually open the door by hand. Regardless, you might want to have the door replaced to avoid another break-in.

Your garage door is the biggest entry to your home. When it develops issues, you can either have it repaired or replaced. The choice will ultimately depend on the extent of the damage and your personal preferences. Choose wisely!

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