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Seven ways of transition from the nursery

The transition from a baby room to a toddler room is a major milestone for parents and children. With nurseries, you can decorate to fit your personal wishes for the nurturing space, soothing. However, when it was time for the transition to toddler’s room, your little one might have developed many of their own opinions. They may want to be involved in the process, and the room must reflect their personality. Practically, the transition to toddler rooms means turning off furniture, storage space, and decoration. It sounds like a big project, but with the following tips it can be easy, fun, and adapting to the development of your toddler nonstop.

From infant examination to toddler examination

First safety! When you switch from Nursery to toddler’s room, you also switch from a baby check with a toddler examination. The new danger presented by toddler growth includes their ability to take items from higher places, try to climb furniture, enter the drawer and other storage space, and peer from Windows. The room transition is the ideal time to check your child’s examination efforts. Use wall anchor for furniture, electrical socket cover, door handle cover, and cable window maintenance, among other important safety measures. Make sure every item in your toddler room is safe for them to handle; If not, find a safe place for it elsewhere at home.

Make smart furniture choices

New furniture – bed, storage and seating – most likely the biggest change, and the biggest investment, in the transition from nursery to toddler room. Gone is a crib and a replace table, and is on a bigger bed, more storage units and space designed for playing time and downtime. Do you buy new furniture or repurposing items that you already have, consider how long the item is suitable for your growing child. With some smart choices, furniture can stay in your child’s room long after their toddler time.

Big bed switch

If your baby cradle is converted to a toddler bed, now is the time to make a switch. If not, you have the choice to make the bought a toddler bed or twin beds. Twin beds in a neutral style will suit your child for years, and are a long-term investment that is better than toddler beds. Install the safety rail as long as your child needs it.

If you decorate a room for siblings, or maybe hope to welcome the brothers in the future, the stacking bed may be the right choice. Experts on what is expected to suggest not putting children in the stacking bed too young. However, the stacking bed which can also be arranged as a separate bed before and after the toddler can be a wise investment.

More storage

Enter a considerable thought into the storage unit. Toddler rooms usually need more storage than baby rooms. Toddlers tend to get a lot, lots of toys and games, and their clothes take more space when they grow. One way to prevent the room from being overwhelmed with items is to pack it may be a third of their toys, books and so on to be kept elsewhere at home. You can drive it up every few months.

With increasing independence, toddlers often like to choose their own clothes and immediately have easy access to their own items. Make sure your storage unit can be accessed by toddlers. For example, you can put current season clothes in a lower makeup drawer, or install hanging rails at a lower level. Baskets and trash cans with open tops or lids that are easily opened are ideal for encouraging toddlers to choose toys to play and stored again. Look for a storage unit that does a double task, such as a toy chest that is also a bench or bed with a drawer built underneath.

Choose easy decoration changes

It might tempt to decorate toddler rooms with “themes” based on your child’s favorite color, animals or motifs, but remember that toddler preferences rarely lasts long. And unlike babies, they will express their opinions! Your daughter might like purple and monkeys today, but her room is purple with a monkey mural will almost certainly fall. Instead, select neutral colors for dressing paint and windows. Add personalities and colors with cheap decoration elements and are easily replaced such as lights, beds and wall art. Also consider including a single accent wall, which you can prevent without too much trouble. The removable wallpaper and decals are another good choice.

Add a few personal touches

A great way to make your toddler feel really at home in their own room is to add a personal touch. A piece of art that displays their name or monogram is a good choice, like a framed family photo. You might install a cork board or other display boards to show off their art and craft projects.

Create a special room

Toddler rooms must be a suitable place for them to sleep, play, learn and develop, and it can be complicated to get all the elements in one room. Try to carve a special room in the room, separate from the bed and storage area, it is suitable for playing and reading. If the room was large enough, try a modular sofa to define the reading area and play apart from the sleep zone around the bed.

You can enter an activity area with small tables and chairs and easy access to craft supplies. Or maybe “corner book” with floor pillows and low-level bookshelves with choices for selecting their favorite board books. Toddlers often crave a quiet and personal place too. Play tents or even curtains hanging in the corner make a good “secret” hiding room.

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