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Smart way to make your old list look modern

With a little creativity and magic, you can change every old ugly flat into something special! So, you shouldn’t be afraid to buy an old property. Home renovation does not take years. Also, there is no need to damage your bank about hiring professionals or getting new furniture from the catalog.

All you need is a decent plan, some free weekends and good friends who will help you on the way.

This is how you can make your old flat look modern for a small amount of embarrassing money:

Add some lights

Old flat renovation


To improve the condition of your place, bright! There are several ways how you can maximize light in the room. First of all, delete an unnecessary item from the window and let your room fill in the sun! Second, get thin white curtains.

To add more light, you can hang a large mirror on the wall. Mirror is not just a beautiful element of interior design; It can also make your room look bigger and help catch sunlight.

In addition, invest in high-quality white LED bulbs and some free standing lights that will match the color of other subjects in the room (such as pillows or curtains). Experts recommend having at least three light sources in each room for maximum comfort.

Get innate furniture

Old flat renovation


Have you ever heard someone say ‘live with less can give you more’? Minimalist interior design is very popular lately. That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your belongings now. To keep your room clean and tidy, consider getting default furniture. You might want to make extra space in the kitchen and bathroom.

Things like files, books, cutlery can be easily stored. To find a cooler idea, just click here.

Upgrade furniture.

Old flat renovation


You don’t need a lot of furniture to feel comfortable at home. So, don’t hesitate to donate your old furniture to charity or renovate. To change your old sofa and chair into something cold and modern, get new cover or their paint.

If you need to refresh the wood, consider applying the thin mayonnaise layer for several hours. Oil will help bring up depth on wood. If it doesn’t help, just change the old foot for a slim tapered.

Also, you can always buy new items. If you cannot afford it at this time, check the sale of regions, consignment stores, and used goods stores. You might be able to find a decent quality furniture at a reasonable price!

Add artwork

Old flat renovation


Artwork in Flat You must reflect your taste. If you are unable to frame professionally, consider hanging your pieces with bull clothes or clips (don’t hesitate to let go of your creativity!).

You have to be careful with hanging art in the bathroom or kitchen. It may be destroyed quickly because of the impact of heat and cold.

If you want to hang a few pieces in a straight line, make sure to use the measuring tape. Remember, there is a beauty of symmetry.

If you don’t know what to put on the wall, order some artwork from local artists or print photos of yourself and your loved ones.

Work in details

Real beauty is not only in symmetry but also in detail. To make your flats look cool, consider making unique stems for your curtains (for example, you can use a rope or branch). Also, add colorful cases to your outlet and frame your TV screen.

In addition, you must add some greenery. They can refresh your space, improve air quality and relieve stress. Remember one rule: There is no such thing as too much plant!

Increase your floor

Old flat renovation


Needless to say, the floor is one of the most expensive things at home. If you want to update you, go for the bamboo floor of a cork, black and white, and hardwood. If you are unable to improve your floor at this time, consider getting a modern carpet. You will always have the opportunity to get rid of the carpet as soon as you are bored with them.

Paint the wall

Old flat renovation


To change the entire flat room, delete your old wallpaper. If you want to paint your wall, choose a simple feel like bright yellow, purple magic, pale green, or cream dream. Simple white will also function, especially if you want to add some colorful furniture and lots of plants.


Every flat renovation requires a good plan and lots of creativity. So, bring it slowly – no need to buy all the items on the same day. If you want your home to look very good, start by painting the wall and increasing your furniture. Be sure to do details such as plants and art pieces. After you have a budget, consider improving your floor and getting default furniture.

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