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RO water purifier

The method of reverse osmosis is undertaken to remove the harmful impurities from water. This procedure does not hold any logic as compared to pure osmosis. With the latter the solvent flows from a high level solution. This is undertaken via the medium of semi permeable membrane.

One of the accepted water purifiers in India appears to be Kent water purifier. A lot of credit has to go to Kent Service centre because of the superior response levels. With this water purifier you are going to recover 50 % of water whereas the rejected form of water is stored in a different container. In the case of other water purifier it only appears to be around 20 % of rejected water. An advanced model of the brand has stormed the market which models itself on various technologies like TDS controller, UV, UV and a lot more.

If you drink polluted water it is a source of various water borne diseases like cholera, etc. with a water purifier virtually all the suspended and dissolved particle from water, which includes microorganism. It does go on to eradicate the poisonous substance present in water.

The benefits associated with a water purifier

Layers of water purification are there

With a water purifier there are various modules of refinement. The various stages of purification would mean treatment of unwanted particles. It includes UV filter, RO etc. if the water purifier is advanced there are a couple of steps more from a purification point of view. It contributes to a bad taste of water.


With a water purifier it treats hard water and removes the toxic materials mainly lead arsenic and chlorine. These toxins develop illness in the human body.

Enhances the taste of water

If there are impurities in water the taste of water would seem to be unpleasant. The smell could have a bad odour. If there is smell present in water it can create havoc with the taste of water. With a RO system you remove the bad smell of the water. Not only that a RO system is beneficial from a cooking point of view.

Salient features associated with Kent water purifier

Purification technique of an advanced level

With a Kent RO purifier it includes an advanced level of purification which makes the water 100 % safe for drinking purposes.

Saves water

Most of the other water purifiers go on to waste 70 % of water that would lead to water crises. If you waste water it can be a cause of great concern. With Kent Ro water purifier you can store 50 % of the rejected water and this could be put to use for various purposes.

Storage capacity

The Kent RO water purifiers that are available in the market come with varied storage levels. But a mere 8 litre of storage capacity is more than enough to suffice your daily water requirements. This is if you are a medium sized family.

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