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The idea of ​​the French country dining room

The French country dining room is perfect for people who want a charming but significant look with the touch of traditional effects and casual nuances. To make the French style dining room you need to notice is that there is the use of natural ingredients, muted colors, proper lighting, linen or canvas clothing, the touch of gold, the most important “rural effect”. No matter what the size of your dining room is, whether it is attached to a kitchen or living room or room separated by the style of French country with everything.

The dining room is a place where the whole family spends the highest time together. The French style dining room will make it a more friendly and comfortable place to spend time. Most of the French country dining tables are in rectangular forms but round or oval shapes can also be arranged. The thing that makes him feel French style is the rural effect in any element.

Classic old time chairs, sofas or benches, this is the choice for seating areas. Go for a rectangular dining table, a classic chair combination and bench is a good choice.

To give a more appearance of France, paint your dining room with pastel colors. Add vintage elements such as wall hangings or vintage styles or vases in the window and add tapestries in the room.

Round rectangular dining table 4-6 people with gold touch up chairs and French rustic dining room you are ready.

Give a comfortable room dining room and conversation with placing a white dining table and white wooden chair painted with a soft pillow. White curtains on Windows provide actual long time effects.

Prepare a semi-finished rectangular wooden dining table for 4 people on the side of the window with a classic vintage element background like a wall painting.

Oval-shaped dining table with long tapered legs for six people who have a long-time design seat and rural elements for its color. Vast vase in the table center by completing colored flowers.

A vintage looks a rectangular dining table for 8 people who have two chairs, all in a cream color with vintage lights hanging on the ceiling provide your perfect dining room and the look of the French state style.

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