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The Top Garden Trends for 2021.

It goes without saying that a garden is an extra room in your home. You should consider taking advantage of your garden space and look after it as if you would any other space inside your home. The following trends will leave you with the perfect outdoor space for you and your family.

Inside is Outside

Now is the time to start blending your inside to your outdoor space. Outdoor entertaining, particularly in the post-Covid era, is extremely popular.

Starting with the Arbour, Two Wests have beautifully designed and displayed a range of relaxing outdoor furniture that every garden will benefit from. Introducing a little bit of garden furniture is a fantastic way to stay comfortable, protected and gives you a great base to add some lighting and heating elements to your outdoor space.

To complement your Arbour you can add a beautiful outdoor rug to extend your inside living space to outdoors with additional cushions and throws.

Garden Zoning

Raised flower beds are a perfect way to segregate your garden areas from outdoor living to growing your own plants and vegetables. Having zones in your garden creates textures and layers, giving you lots to look at and lots to work with, you’ll always keep busy in your garden by growing your own plants and vegetables. The Bed Builder Packs as seen below makes it quick and easy for you to create a raised bed ideal for growing your own.

The Top Garden Trends for 2021.


Having green fingers comes in handy when supporting sustainability in 2021. Living off the land is the new thing this year and growing your own vegetables is a perfect way to become more sustainable. If this is new to you, you can consider purchasing a Self-Watering Grow Pot with a built in plant support tower which you can build as your plants grow, giving you strong support for your plants when they have bumper crops.


Compost is the perfect component to growing your own plants and vegetables, it adds valuable nutrients back into your soil that previous crops may have removed. Products to consider when looking to begin your own compost heap this summer include compost bins, compost tumblers and wooden composters which are a more traditional look for your garden. A little handy tip when it comes to composting is to try to get a 50/50 split between your brown and green waste in your compost. Green waste is anything coming from your kitchen including grass cuttings and your brown waste is anything that comes from your garden.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is a beautiful yet functional way to enhance your garden with such simple and effective touches. The simple installation of battery or solar powered lights add twinkling focal points and definition to your outdoor living space. The lighting also allows for your garden to be used into the late evening when the sunlight is creeping away. Other factors to consider is that the function of garden lighting goes further than being aesthetically pleasing, with the practicality of this lighting allowing for more security in your home if you select a motion sensored light.

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