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Things that you should not spill on your tile floor

Tiles are floor material and a very popular parade material. Most varieties are very durable and durable. However, you should avoid spilling the following on your tile floor.

 Tiles may be the most commonly used floor material and wall ingredients in the world. Not without reason. In today’s tile market, there are so many varieties of tiles available so you are really confused when it’s time to buy tiles. Yes, the options and varieties of the tiles are very large. However, it doesn’t matter which tiles you choose, keep them clean and in the right conditions it is very important if you don’t want to repeat all things to install tiles. You have to take care of your tiles correctly if you want to have your home the best you might possibly. As mentioned earlier, if you fail to do this, all of your tile installations might be dirty and may need a replacement or reinstall.

The thing that must be mentioned here is that, although tiles come at various price points, the actual process installs tiles is not so cheap or easy. In most cases, this is not the easiest DIY job and most likely you have to make professionals do it for you. This is both tiring, time consuming and most importantly, expensive. So make sure you take care of your tiles correctly so you don’t face the situation mentioned above.

In this article, we will see some things you must make sure not to drop your tile floor. These are things that have the potential to significantly damage your tiles and the best for all involved not to drop these things to your tile floor.


Heavy objects

This is clear. While some tiles must be very strong and strong, it is not a wise decision to test the strength of tiles by dropping a heavy object on it. If you want to make sure that your tiles are not peeled off or damaged in any way, you have to do everything a way to avoid dropping a heavy object on your tiles.

Most commercially available tiles must meet certain strength standards. This test is known as the Breaking ASTM C648 strength test. When tiles undergo this test, tiles are run through a machine that will exert the burden to test its strength. Tiles may not break under 250 pounds of pressure and only then will meet industry standards.

Most of the tiles available on the market today indeed meet these standards while there are also many tiles that far exceed the minimum requirements. In fact, there are tiles that have extraordinary solving points around 400 pounds per square inch.

The thing you need to know after being a secret for all the information above is very expensive to repair cracked tiles. In fact, in many cases, all parts of the floor where tiles are cracked, must be replaced. It’s hard to replace one tile and hence, if you are faced with a peeled or cracked tile problem, then to fix it, you have to spend a little money, time, and the effort behind it.


Who likes to clean or just cleanse in general, especially when it is something that is as difficult as cleaning oily fluids. Not only a tiring process and time consuming, it will also cause shortening of tile life. This is because the more times you drop some oily liquids, you must use the product to get rid of oil. Although there are many cleaning products out there that are safe, it is important to remember that these cleaning products contain chemicals that have the potential to damage the appearance and also the nuances of the tiles used. The more cleaning products are used on tiles, the shorter age will and hence you will be better in general by dropping oily fluid a little less on your valuable and expensive tiles.



This is also quite clear when it comes to keep your tiles clean. Dropping food on any surface is not the best ideas and it is mainly not a good idea when it comes to the surface of the tile too. Besides having to clean the unavoidable chaos that dropped the food creating, there are also problems there are many ingredients in their own food that really has the potential to damage your tile floor. So don’t waste food and also don’t damage your valuable tiles. It’s supposed to takeaway here.



Vinegar has very real potential causing damage to your NAT. Note that if your NAT is sealed, then you are safe. Unfortunately, however, vinegar can definitely penetrate the unclear NAT and do it by entering the air space in the material. After arriving at the spaces, vinegar had the ability to limit NAT over time.



The main problem by dropping alcohol on tiles is not they cannot be cleaned. This is due to the fact that the stain that developed from a spill of alcohol dries very quickly. So, if it’s not immediately cleaned, it will be a disturbance disturbance to be removed later. Therefore, just to avoid everything, don’t drop alcohol on your tile floor.

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