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Plumbing Tips

Summer is the season of the year when you spend a lot of quality time with your family. While you’re busy planning for family vacations, you’ll also need to take care of your home needs. Plumbing maintenance is one of the most important tasks to do during the summer. You can save up a lot of time and money throughout the year if you take proper care of your plumbing lines.

Here is a list of plumbing maintenance tips for a hassle-free summer.

  1. Washing Machine Woes Need Immediate Attention

Summer and outdoors are the perfect combination of holiday fun. You’ll need to keep your washing machine up and running efficiently anytime. So, be mindful of the wear and tear due to regular usage. Check for leaks and cracks in your pipes and washing machine hose, too.

Run a thorough check every week to make a note of any issues with plumbing lines or washing machine parts. Lastly, always remove lint from your dryer to make sure better performance and energy efficiency.

  1. Garbage Disposal Etiquette Matters

Are you inviting hosting a summer party at home? It could be a mix of fun and hard work to host a party and clean up after the party. It’s best to put up a simple reminder near the kitchen sink. You’ll also get bonus points for sharing your practical tips for proper garbage disposal at home.

Remember the basics every time you use your garbage disposal. In spite of taking all the precautions, you’ll need to check on your plumbing maintenance at regular intervals. Sign up with a professional plumbing service to get timely support.

  1. Kitchen Wastes Do’s and Don’ts

Cooking oils and grease aren’t good for the drain. So, take care!

Leftovers, is it? Put them in the bin, please. Any produce should be in the bin only. Hard fruits like corn and watermelon can damage or clog the blades.

Instant foods will clog the plumbing lines once the water goes down the drain. Don’t send them down the drain.

Run cold water at full pressure for at least 15 seconds before and after you use the garbage disposal to flush it through thoroughly.

  1. Swimming Pool Needs Summer Care

Is your swimming pool summer ready? Winter isn’t kind to the outdoors whether it’s your lawn, swimming pool or sewers. Summer brings in a lot of light and love to your outdoors.

Get a professional plumbing service like to inspect tubing, pumps, drains and lines for your swimming pool and repair or replace when needed. They have expertise and experience in making the right decisions while troubleshooting a number of plumbing issues over the years.

  1. Plan For Rainwater Harvesting System

Saving and maintaining rainwater is crucial to level up groundwater in your area. It benefits you and your neighbourhood in several ways. Plan and build a simple and effective rainwater harvesting system as an investment.

You can direct pipelines from the harvested rainwater to water your lawn and garden around the year. A professional plumbing service has the right tools and techniques to set up a good rainwater harvesting system.

Finally, an easy way to handle your plumbing maintenance is to sign up for an annual plumbing maintenance plan that provides an end-to-end solution to all your plumbing needs. You don’t have to worry about choosing a professional plumber every time you run into a plumbing issue.

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