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Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors.

Slab style kitchen cabinet doors are usually solid and flush with the wall without a side or panel to cover. They’re very similar to an ordinary single, unmade, blank piece of wood with a veneer finish and give a clean, modern and streamlined look to your kitchen’s decor. They work especially well if you’re planning on doing a complete kitchen renovation. If you have the money to go for this kind of cabinet, it is the best way to go because you get all the benefits of both types of cabinets. On the downside, they can be less durable and look less attractive than solid-fronted kitchen doors.

Miterated-glass inset cabinet doors are the least expensive of the three cabinet door styles. They consist of two pieces of glass separated by a thin metal inset. These kinds of kitchen cabinets are usually single-panel and can be designed as vertical or horizontal units. They match up well with other contemporary kitchen cabinets and can blend in even better with wooden cabinets and countertops. They are easy to repair and are cheap to buy.

Frameless-quadrant cabinet doors (fiberglass-reinforced) is the cheapest of all three-door types. These are the standard cabinet types, but there are also alternatives like pocket doors and drop-leaf drawers. The most common use is to replace plain, old-fashioned kitchen cabinet doors. Many people choose these replacement cabinet doors n replacing old, tired-looking doors that are falling apart or just plain ugly.

All three types of kitchen cabinet doors can be customized, meaning you can select to have your doors cut to any shape and size you like. This is one of the most popular kitchen remodeling options because you get to choose the exact design you want. You may even find that these are the most popular because they come in such a variety of styles, colors, materials and even patterns. It’s hard to choose one of these types of cabinet door designs.

There are other kinds of kitchen cabinets. Of course there are the basic types – the two-piece, two-shelf, four-shelf, half-moon and the occasional corner cabinet. You can also customize your basic types of cabinet with new styles and materials, too. The other choices you have for kitchen cabinets include the combination-case, wing-back, side-by-side, slide out, inset drawer and European styles.

No matter which type of cabinet you choose, you need to match it with the rest of your kitchen space. In fact, you may find that the drawers in particular help to define your overall design scheme. For example, if you use black kitchen cabinets, you will probably want to use black drawer pulls. And since kitchen remodel drawers are often custom made, you will find that you are only limited by your imagination.

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