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You might be connected to your smart equipment, but I'm not sure

Smart equipment was once something that only appeared in a sci-fi film, where the lights lit with pat, the door was automatically locked, and the sound assistant was something we scoffed in – now, a smart home is something easier to reach.

Smart equipment used to be science fiction items, where the sound assistant greets you when you go home and wear some soothing music, the lights are on when you enter the room, and the robot does a homework.

But in a short few years the connected gadget has become everywhere like cellphones in many homes, and, for some people, the same is very necessary.

The smart household industry will produce more than $ 8 million / £ 5.8 million in the US this year, while making a ‘smart’ house has become relatively affordable, the average cost is slightly more than $ 687 / £ 500, according to a study from

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I spend my days write about all the things related to home, smart and vice versa, and all of me for more advanced technology technology – because why not let them make our lives easier? For me, having a reasonable video door because it allows me to see who is on my door when I’m not at home (or when I’m in my pajamas and not sure I want to answer).

Many tools are very easy if they are controlled by your phone or, even better, your voice. The best smart lamp can make an instant atmosphere in your home, or just activate when you come out if you don’t want your home to look empty for security reasons.

But – and it’s big but – do we really need every tool to be smart? Or does the manufacturer just think we are a little lazher than we really?

The problem I have is that some smart equipment still has a long way to go until they are actually more than help than troublesome, while others are not smart enough

Take smart air frying, for example. This equipment makes you cook fries in a short time, and because they are activated smart you will be able to turn on and turn it off from your phone – sounds good? Of course. However, we do not live enough in times that are not so smart that they can take my raw potatoes, wash and peel them, and shake them in air frying so they are cooked perfectly – now it will be impressive.

And while I can fully appreciate why smart thermostats are a real lottery, allowing you to turn on heating when you come out and perfect the temperature from your sofa, when it’s easy to turn on your air fryer by using your fryer by using your finger like using your cellphone, where His appeal?

Why am I not crazy about smart equipment

Don’t get me wrong – I am a big fan of some smart equipment. My robot vacuum is a gift when the kitchen floor requires TLC and I have better things to do (literally whatever is better than sucking dust, right?), And the robot does a big job of pre-covid from sprucing up my carpet When I expect visitors (remember those days?). I can program a vacuum to clean when I get out of the house, and even imposing your own fees. But do we need everything in our house to be smart?

Even accessories of coffee machines such as Nespresso Barista can be turned on by your phone; But when you have launched the application, find the right settings, and turn it on, you might be able to make coffee and halfway to enjoy it – and you will pay premium for privileges to turn it on on your cellphone too.

I am captivated to buy a larger smart tool, and jump on the opportunity to get a smart washing machine. What’s fun to be able to replace the machine at long distance and have a ping companion application when washing I need to be removed from the machine, I think. In fact, this did not save my time, and of course did not save me every effort – even though I would be the first in the queue to buy the first washing machine to also load my washing, dismantling when finished, and the folds.

This is my other problem with smart equipment: they don’t always work together. You may, for example, have bought a smart refrigerator and set up a smart lighting system, but that doesn’t mean they certainly use the same application or hub.


The best smart speakers help bridge the gap, allowing you to control everything from one device, but not all equipment can be synchronized with each other, and you are updated from the application to the application try making ‘atmosphere’ with your smart lights and sound system for Helps you relax, just to create the opposite effect when you are increasingly annoyed.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about smart equipment is that they are not always true. Your smart dictionary might remind you of something that is actually not a problem, and who hasn’t found themselves increasingly impatient with Alexa as it tells you that it can’t find the song he played just yesterday? You also have to be ready to update device software and application regularly, otherwise you will find your smart appliance date quite quickly, and then there is an unusual problem with Wi-Fi connectivity, especially if you also do it a lot of devices using that network same.

I was guilty of being sucked into the effort by creating a smart home that saves my time and effort, but in many cases I think I will only stick to a ‘stupid’ approach that has been tried and tested: “Alexa, I’ll do this myself.”

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