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8 best sheets to buy online in 2021, based on expert opinion

Take the time to look for the best sheets is investment in your health. Research has shown that the type of sheet that you specify has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep. The old pilling sheet can feel uncomfortable, making it more difficult to relax and fall asleep when you are in bed. The wrong bed can also trap body heat, which leads to bad night sweat that absorbs your linen.

But to throw your old sheet, you might need help find a new one. Experts in the Matress Advisor identify eight sets of comfortable, breathable, and durable to give you the most comfortable sleep, they are all available to shop online. Displays a variety of ingredients and the number of utas, this list has an option for each type of sleep.

Best Overall: Linen Sheets Linen Set

Best Bamboo Sheet: Layla Bamboo Sheets

Best Besty Bed Sheets: Purple Softstretch Sheets

Best Cotton Sheet: PlushBeds Supima Sheet Premium Cotton

Best Sateen Sheet: Casper Sheet Set

Bottom sheets below $ 100: Jersey Sheet Tumbung & needle

Best Cooling Sheet: Ghostbed Ghost Sheet

Best Percale Sheet: Molecular Performance Sheet

How to shop for the best sheets

There are many more to the sheets than filling the eyes. The count of the utas, the material used, and weaving construction are all factors that need to be considered when choosing a set of sheets. Below, we broke what to look for while browsing for the bed.

Thread count.

Utas is calculated referring to the amount of utens in one square inch of cloth. Contrary to popular belief, the number of higher threads does not automatically create a more luxurious sheet set. The count of the utas between 300 and 500 generally ensures that your sheets are durable.


Sheet materials you play a big role in how comfortable you sleep, especially if you tend to run hot at night and need breathable cloth to be rested. Here are some of the most common ingredients that you will see in your search for sheets.


Field cotton sheets and are easily treated. The most popular type of cotton sheets are Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton, also known as cotton supima, which is one of the softest cotton on the market.


Linen linen naturally removes moisture, making it a very good choice to sleep hot. Linens are usually more durable than cotton, but can also be more expensive.


Made with environmentally friendly bamboo fibers, soft bamboo sheets are soft but wrinkles are easier than other types of fabrics.


The budget-friendly polyester sheet consists of synthetic material, which makes it durable and less susceptible to wrinkles. However, polyester also lacks breathing than linen and bamboo, meaning not high ranking on this list for cooling.


Not all sheets are woven in the same way. To help you make a purchase based on information, we collect a list of words that you might see next to “sheet set” on the retailer’s website.


The freight sheet is woven by the same number of vertical and horizontal threads, which makes it extra durable and produces breathable and fresh nuances. Friction Weaves also tends to be softer with every wash.


Weave Sateen woven with vertical threads more than horizontal, which gives a smooth and smooth shades but makes it a little less breathable than the percala.


Made of knit cotton mixed with other fibers, jersey sheets are equivalent to hugging your favorite favorite t-shirts. They are super soft, affordable, and easy to wash, but Jersey also sleeps hot compared to other ingredients.


The microfiber sheet contains finely fabric polyester fiber which is comfortable, durable, and natural wrinkle resistant. However, they do not promote air flow such as percala sheets and can produce static.

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