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personal care homes

In recent years, the number of people residing in personal care homes has been on the rise. It has become a lucrative business for those who wish to take advantage of this growing segment of the society. Since the government has been increasing the eligibility criteria for receiving social security benefits it has resulted in more people turning to long term care homes. This is not surprising, as the state provides more support for these residents who require constant assistance with activities of daily living.

One reason why more people are now staying in personal care homes rather than traditional nursing homes is that there is no stigma attached to being admitted in one of these homes. Nursing home patients have to first pass through medical examinations and other stringent standards before they can be admitted into one of these homes. Patients in nursing homes have to first pass a psychological test and then undergo a physical exam and other strenuous tests in order to determine whether or not they are fit for admission to one of these homes.

Another reason why more people are staying in personal care homes rather than nursing homes is that these homes are known to provide a higher level of comfort and help carry the weight of the heavy backpacks that most of the patients in nursing homes carry. The residents of such homes also receive extra medical attention and personalized care, as opposed to what happens to patients in nursing homes. They get the necessary help with activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, cooking and shopping for food, as well as with managing their finances. As these residents’ age, they may need extra help with their physical activities as well.

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