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wooden exterior shutters

People add exterior shutters for a myriad of reasons, and if you’re reading this, then you are probably looking to do the same. History tells us that these shutters have been around a long time; as far back as ancient Greece. So you might be wondering — why opt for a window treatment that has been around for centuries?

Now it’s not like exterior shutters have not changed at all. Today’s window shutters can be found in a wide range of modern materials like steel, vinyl and aluminium. Also, while some exterior shutters have both functional and ornamental applications, the majority of other window treatments are used only for decorative reasons. Exterior wooden shutters meet the requirements of getting both practical and decorative benefits.

What are the different types of wooden shutters in the market?

Pine is one of the most popular types of wood used for making custom exterior shutters. Pine is not a hardwood; it’s popular primarily because of its’ low cost. If you prefer something that will last, then you might want to opt for a wooden shutter made from mahogany. Although the latter is expensive, it’s elegant, and dark colour makes it look very appealing. At the same time, it can stand up to rot and disintegration, which makes it perfect for outdoor installation.

Other types of hardwood used for manufacturing outdoor shutters include Fir, Cedar, Poplar and redwood.

Main Benefits of Wood Shutters

 There are several benefits of using wood for your exterior shutters. Consider the following advantages:


Wood shutters are an excellent choice for outdoor patio blinds as they afford owners protection against harmful UV rays. You’ll discover these wood shutters a blessing, especially throughout hot summertimes. They will prevent the sun’s rays from getting in your house, making your bedroom a serene, relaxing and dark sanctuary, perfect for a fast afternoon nap.

Prevention from continually getting exposed to extreme sun rays likewise enhances the longevity of your furniture. Due to their excellent insulation property, they protect the interiors of the house from the outdoor weather conditions. During the winter months, they can be swung available to allow the sun in for its natural greenhouse effect, which can decrease your heating expenses.


Many wood shutters made of good quality wood will have high sturdiness. Cedar is among the most durable kinds of wood since its natural tannin oils keep it protected from insects. It not only withstands high winds and rain but likewise safeguards you from the blistering heat.

Also, unlike vinyl or other artificial shutters, exterior wood shutters are made from a natural and renewable resource, which is better in terms of eco-friendliness. Personalized wood shutters made from a whole-cut piece of wood will be less vulnerable to damages like cracks and low-grade joins, increasing their durability.


Adding exterior shutters increases the visual appeal of your home. These shutters make your home look attractive and classy at the same time. Depending upon your choice and your house’s overall look, you can choose from designs and patterns that look chic and modern or rustic and conventional. It is possible to mount wood shutters on operable hinges, enabling you to open them as much as letting the outdoors in or close them to lock out unfavourable weather condition. This improves the total energy performance of the house.

Given that outside wood shutters can likewise be painted, it is much better to pick colours that compliment the tone of the external walls of your home. Exterior shutters can also feature either fixed or adjustable louvres. With wood shutters, you can personalize the size, style, patterns and colours based on your requirements.


Installation of wood shutters needs a reasonable amount of skill, especially if you want them to operate. Nevertheless, if you are not comfortable setting up the outside wood shutters yourself, you can also employ a contractor who can do the work for you.


Indeed exterior wooden shutters certainly have numerous benefits, and there’s a tonne of options offered in the market. Hence you should have no trouble finding the ideal ones for your home based on your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

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