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Alexa vs Google Assistant: What voice assistant is the best for your smart home?

A few years ago, tailed orders in speakers at your home to respond with answers to questions, or by controlling lights, plugs, or your warming looked like future predictions of the old Sci-Fi film.

However, voice assistants have grown popularity over the past few years (according to Statistica firm market, in 2024 8.4 billion devices with digital assistants will be used) so they are clearly here to stay

Found in all things ranging from smartphones to the best smart speakers and the best smart display, it can be difficult to decide whether you have to choose Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant as a digital helper for your smart home, so we have gone through the main things you have to know if you try to make your mind.

Amazon Echo and Google Nest Best Restraction

Read on to find out how these two voice assistants compare – or, if you have decided which of the two you want to buy, see the best prices at this time for smart speakers from both brands below:

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What is the sound assistant?

A Voice Assistant is a computer program (also known as a software agent) that can do the task and provide information as a response to the question and order your problem. Sound assistants can be accessed through your smartphone, but also built into smart speakers, smart display, and even TV streaming devices.

How do I use it?

To give your assistant voice command, you first need to say the ‘wake’ word or phrase, which makes them in action, then you will be able to ask questions to them or give them orders. After some milliseconds they will respond, and you can ask questions or commands related further or end the conversation.

Do they need a subscription?

Alexa and Google Assistant can be used without a monthly subscription. After you buy smart speakers or smart views they are built into (or download the free application for your smartphone) You can ask questions or publish commands and they will reply at no cost.

Voice recognition

We find Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can be relied upon to recognize and respond to your voice. In our test with Amazon Echo Dot (2020) and Google Nest Mini 2, the sound assistant perfectly jumped into life in the milliseconds we said wake up.

Talking about the word wake, Alexa does allow you to change this phrase in the Alexa application. If you want, you can use Amazon, Echo or computer instead, but you must activate changes to each device that supports Alexa in your home.

There is no choice to deviate from ‘Ok, Google’ or ‘Hey, Google’ which is a wake-up words with the Google Smart Smart Speaker Display, but stability can be very helpful when talking to a little technology ..

Both Alexa and Google Assistant can also continue the conversation, so there is no need to repeat the wake word if you follow up on your command or initial request with others after a few seconds. Amazon also said that in the future, Alexa will be able to communicate with more than one person at once, but this feature is still not available at the time of writing.

Above this, both Alexa and Google Assistant can recognize different voices in the household to provide personalized results; For example when it comes to calendar entries or contacts to call. Called sound match (Google Assistant) and Voice Profiles (Alexa), both voice assistants can recognize up to six different people without obstacles so you can access personal services ..

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