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arlo camera

Netgear is offering a consumer security camera to watch your home. We are going to discuss the difference between the Arlo and Arlo Pro camera. Arlo and Arlo pro both are prepared for outdoor use as well as indoor. Arlo pro is newly launched. In compare to Arlo, Arlo pro has extra features, that is why you need to know the difference between the Arlo and Arlo pro. All features of Arlo is included in arlo pro, and there are some additional features added in Arlo Pro.

Arlo : Arlo is basic, entry-level Wi-Fi enabled security camera system. The compact and wireless camera runs very fast. Only a base station and a electricity point is required to run this.

Arlo ProArlo Pro is a revised version of Arlo. It will give you high performance and comes with Security Camera with WIFI enabled. It also comes with rechargeable batteries; this feature is not available in Arlo.

The Arlo Pro set up is very simple. Just switch on the power on the base by plugging it into the router and then switch on the cameras. For that you just need to press the sync button which is on the base as well as each camera. Now, it can be operated from your Smart phone.

There are few differences between the Arlo and Arlo Pro features –

Differences                   Arlo                Arlo Pro
Batteries Batteries, you have to replace time to time, it is not chargeable. Batteries are rechargeable
Lag time It takes around 8-9 seconds to notify any motion Only 2-3 seconds needed to notify any motion
Colder temperatures It works upto 14˚ Fahrenheit It works upto -4˚ Fahrenheit
Field view It provides 110 degrees wide field view It provides upto 130 degrees wide view
Surveillance Surveillance is better Surveillance is very higher

Arlo vs Arlo Pro Advantages and Disadvantages :

Advantages of Arlo

  • It is wireless
  • Set up is very easy
  • Depends on the connection quality, the video quality is stable regardless of the distance from the base unit.
  • Email or push notification alerts along with reviewable clips.
  • The base comes with a USB slot for external storage
  • This is a user-friendly app.
  • Adequate night vision that has a range of about 25ft even in low light.
  • Due to the pause feature, the screen shot in this, very much perfect.

Disadvantages of Arlo

  • Each and every camera has 4 photo batteries
  • No speakers available for two-way communication
  • Using of wireless range to its maximum limit results very fast battery consumption.

Advantages of Arlo Pro

  • ​It has rechargeable and removable batteries.
  • Very fast motion and sound alerts.
  • It has tilting, panning and zoom-in features.

Disadvantages of Arlo Pro

  • Though it is weather-proof, there were some battery issues in low temperatures.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • The siren is placed on the base of the equipment, instead of the camera. It should be placed on the camera.

Overall Arlo is little bit cheaper in price than Arlo pro. Pro gives you a lot of additional features and better functionality.

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