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AWS still leads the global cloud market even though Azure Surge

The Amazon AWS Cloud Computing Unit remains a leading cloud service provider during the first quarter of this year despite the continued growth of Microsoft Azure in accordance with new reports from Canalys.

The market analyst company revealed that the expenditure of cloud infrastructure services grew by 35 percent reaching $ 41.8 billion during Q1, marking the first time that customer spending on cloud computing services was exceeded $ 40 billion.

In a new report, Canalys explained that the acceleration of digital transformation efforts over the past 12 months combined with a rebound in several economies causing a massive increase in this expenditure as a company customer became more confident in committing multi-year contracts.

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AWS grew 32 percent on an annual basis to take into account 32 percent of all expenses for Cloud services during the first quarter. So far this year, the giant Cloud announces the location of the new Cloudfront edge in Croatia and Indonesia, expanding its wavelength zone for 5G networks to Japan and across the US and launching new X2GD Examples based on Graviton 2 CPUs designed for memory intensive workload.

Azure surge.

Although AWS is still a leading cloud service provider, Microsoft Azure grew 50 percent for the third consecutive quarter took 19 percent of the total cloud market share in the first quarter of 2021.

Advanced growth Azure is driven by cloud consumption and long-term customer commitments activated by investment in Azure Arc for the management of hybrid-IT control, Sinapse Azure for data analysis and AI as a platform, according to Canalys. Microsoft also introduced new industrial clouds for financial services, manufacturing and non-profit organizations during Q1.

Google Cloud on the other hand came to third place during the first quarter and its business grew by 56 percent to take into account the market share of seven percent.

Research analyst at Canalys, Blake Murray explained that in a press release why cloud shopping continued to increase among organizations so far this year, saying:

“Clouds emerged as a winner in all sectors over the past year, basically since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Locking Implementation. Organizations depend on digital and online services to maintain operations and adapt to the ongoing situation. Even though 2020 saw a large scenery expenditure on large-scale cloud infrastructure , Most of the company’s workload has not turned to the cloud. Cloud migration and expenditure will continue because customer confidence rose for 2021. The big project that was postponed last year would reappear, while new use cases would expand the market that can be addressed. “

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