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New 4K Apple TV brings a large smart home upgrade that you might miss

The new version of Apple TV 4K was officially launched on the latest Apple show on April 20, and displays a stronger processor, Remote Siri, and high rate rate (HFR) capabilities.

But we see something much more interesting for anyone who is fed up with your smart home device that doesn’t work as you want: support for utens.

The new 4K Apple TV is also equipped with a Smart Home Technology thread, just like Mini homepod, making it a good choice for the center of your smart home earthquake (as well as your home entertainment system).

Utas is a less famous wireless standard that already exists for a while and doesn’t really attract attention. Until Apple added it to the Mini homepod last year, which took it to the front line of Tech Home Smart and collected more inches of columns from before.

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This standard allows smart home devices from various manufacturers to work together much more smoothly. For example, switching to Philips Hue’s smart lights if your smart weather center detects a boring day, without the need for third-party services (like IFTTT), making it easier to automate your home.

Slowly but surely added to a smarter home device, for example the technology was built (but currently activated) which was recently launched by Google Home Hub (2nd generation).

Home Smart Home Friendly APPLE HOME HOME has included Utas in several new smart home products, including the smart plug monitoring of its newest energy, so smart home manufacturers who clearly embrace technology, and it’s brilliant to see it becomes more mainstream smart devices to help end our disconnection ,

Further stability

Apple TV 4K previously acted as a smart home hub, so and controlling the best smart home device when you were at home, it also allowed you to ask for Siri to control it for you, even when you are not connected to your home Wi-Fi network; For example, rotate the heater when you leave a job so your home will be warm and comfortable when you get home.

However, if you have experienced frustration of Laggy’s smart home automation because of a weak bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi between smart home devices and home smart hubs, you will enjoy this upgrade.

If what you ask is not to happen instantly, most of it is frustrated and ask again – in a harder and more truncated tone, of course. Sometimes this works, while other times it leads to any voice assistant who is used trying to respond halfway, deepen frustration.

I have found this many times, and let’s be honest, I almost gave up on my smart home on the occasion because of this.

However, the utas device creates a mesh network, where all devices are connected to each other and Wi-Fi, which makes the internet connection stronger and more stable. So if someone has a weak or failed connection, the other will take over to strengthen his relationship and end the slow response time. The more devices that support the thread you installed in your home, the bigger and stronger mesh tissue is obtained.

There are not many devices that support threads on the market today, but I have used Mini homepods with important nanoteear light bulbs for the past six months and it’s truly a better experience. I have not lost patience because so far Siri always acts based on my command instantly, so for now (at least) my smart home is calm and peaceful.

Thread also uses less power, so if one of your smart home devices is battery powered, they will last longer among the costs, which is an added bonus.

I have been impressed with the utas so far and because more manufacturers add technology to their products, smart devices will become less frustrated and automate our homes instantly as we expected – and it must be a minimum standard.

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