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Your smart kick-start veranda with your old Samsung phone upcycling

Samsung has launched a software update that allows users to play their old Samsung phones into a temporary smart home device.

Giant Tech announced the Galaxy Upcycling on the home scheme at CES 2021 in January, but now users in the US, Britain and South Korea can benefit from the program in the beta stage.

Basically, Samsung’s thoughts are reducing waste. Chances are we all have several old cellphones lying around the house, and while these products still maintain functionality, the company has developed an initiative to change it from the relics of dust collectors to iot devices (Internet Things) that function.

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While updates will not change your old Samsung phone into something close to the Google Nest or Amazon Echo hub, it will allow you to turn it into a childcare monitor, a pet care solution or light controller by providing functionality to detect movement and audio at home using The sensor already has built-in to the design.

The update adds an AI system that is enhanced to this device too, effectively increases it to distinguish sound and movement, and users can access these smart home features through Smarthings Labs through the SmartHings application.

For example, an integrated light sensor of the old device can now be used to measure the level of space brightness. Using the SmartHings application, users can set the phone to automatically turn on the lights if the room becomes darker than the selected level.

As for which devices will benefit from this new functionality, the Galaxy Upcycling in a home initiative is now available on all Galaxy S models, Note and Z which are released from 2018 and so on, and equipped with Android 9 and above. Samsung said it would also add support for more devices in the future.

Going Green.

This new initiative joined a long list of similar planet saving schemes that existed as part of a broader Samsung upcycling program introduced back in 2017.

Last year, for example, the company created a portable eye test device, powered by a longer Galaxy phone, which would be used by the organization in need. It also launched environmentally friendly packaging initiatives, allowing consumers to reuse TV boxes into small pieces of furniture.

With every idea, Samsung clearly tries to encourage greater sustainability – in parts of producers and consumers – while simultaneously ensuring materially end users benefit from the scheme.

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