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Styling Your Home from the Outside - In

Small simple tweaks in the home have a huge impact on the look and feel of your living space, now that we’re spending more time in our home environment we’re slowly picking up on areas of our home that are calling for some TLC. Here we’ve got the best tips for styling your home from the outside in, starting with your front door.

Updating Your Knockers

Over the last year one key trend when making small simple tweaks is giving your front door an upgrade, ready to welcome your guests back into your home. It’s only right that we show our front door some love as afterall, it does get a lot of use, and it is the first thing our guests see when they’re welcomed into your home. GJohns have a beautiful range of knockers on display, ranging from Antique Pewter to Aged Bronze to give your front door a welcoming feel and a dazzling upgrade for a small cost.

Door Numbers

We’ve all spent hours on pinterest searching for some inspiration for our door numbers. Sometimes, less really is more. By this we don’t mean less visible, but a traditional polished brass, matt black or stainless steel will suffice for a tidy looking front door entrance.

Styling Your Home from the Outside - In


 Refreshing Your Hardware


Taking the tweaks inside, your cabinet hardware certainly deserves a freshen up if you haven’t already. Over the years your cabinet hardware see’s a lot of use so it’s only fitting that we show our hardware some TLC with a small refresh once in a while. Purchasing hardwearing cupboard handles and knobs enhances the longevity and creates a beautiful finish to your inside interior.

Styling Your Home from the Outside - In

Installing Cupboard Lighting


You’ve given the cupboard exterior a glow up, it’s now time to focus on the inside. Installing cupboard lighting can brighten up any kitchen display cabinet. They are a cost effective solution to adding small, simple, yet beautiful changes to your home interior. Cupboard lighting is particularly eye catching on an evening as you glance into the room.

Adding Texture


Rolling out a rug can add to the texture and definition of your space at home. A simple step with huge results can enhance the appearance and feel of your home. A rug can brighten a dark room and protect your wood flooring if you have it. Imagine a rug being the artwork for your flooring and you may feel more tempted to invest.

Changing your Accessory Colour Scheme

Without the need to get out a paint brush and wallpaper paste you can change the entire look and feel of your home by adapting a different colour scheme through your accessories. Looking into the interior trends of 2021 adapting a more neutral tone is the way forward from a beige knitted throw with matching cushions paired with some dried flowers and nordic candle holders you’re making small simple steps to change the look of your home completely, no mess, no fuss.

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